Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hmmm ...

Finn rolled over today. I'm not kidding, and I'm not exaggerating, he really rolled over, all by himself. I had given him a bath and I put him on a towel on the bed, on his tummy, so I could take some cute naked baby pictures, and he rolled right over onto his back. Just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I put him back on his tummy and he rolled over twice more. I grabbed the camera to video-tape it for proof, but he was getting tired of my shenanigans by then and started fussing and crying.

So he rolled over and he's only 3 1/2 weeks old. None of my other kids rolled over until - what? Two, three months old? Of course there's a part of me that wants to jump and shout with joy that he accomplished such a feat this early. What might it mean? That he's not "delayed" after all? That maybe he's even ahead of the game?

I'm reading this wonderful book that a friend sent me, Road Map to Holland. It's the author's personal account of her son's first two years of life with Down syndrome. In it is a chapter titled "They All Do That," in which the author recounts taking her son to their family doctor when he was a young infant, and how he tried to roll over and she was so proud, and the doctor said, "They all do that, in the beginning. They almost always start out ahead, but eventually, they fall behind. Your heart will break and break and break again."

This passage has stayed with me and made me afraid to hope for too much, to put too much stock into things Finn does. He's also been able to lift his head almost since birth, and Michael and I both swear that he's already trying to smile. What does it mean? Maybe nothing. I'm afraid to hope that it means anything at all.


I've started venturing out of my self-imposed house arrest because it's good for the kids and good for me to get out. Yesterday I took them to the park. Today I took them to the fountains to play in the water. I ran into a friend from MOMS Club there, and it was really nice to see her and chat with her. But I'm realizing that on some level I've chosen to avoid official MOMS Club events for now. I have a calendar printed full of MOMS Club activities - park days, play dates, etc., and I don't feel ready to face them all as a group. I think part of it is because my family and I have been the target of their generosity, and that makes me feel funny. But bigger than that is worrying about how everyone will behave when Finn and I make our "debut." Will they stare and secretly think to themselves "I can't see it at all," or "Oh, I can definitely see it . . ." Will they go out of their way to be extra nice? Will they avoid the whole issue and pretend it's not there? Maybe they'll ask questions that I'll feel uncomfortable with. Worse, maybe they won't.


Emily Simmons said...

You should be the one writing a book. I have never been so intrigued by words from a perfect stranger in all my life!

Congrats on Finn rolling over! I think its huge. No matter what it means or doesn't mean later.

Anonymous said...

That is such wonderful, happy news!! Congratultions to Finnian. He's growing up and that's so great to hear! I love reading about his progress and thank you so much for sharing it with anyone that's fortunate enough to read about his progress. It's so amazing how fast things can change hopefully for the better.

I was also happy to hear that you're going out with all of your children to do the "normal" things. It's great to go out and smell the flowers and run through the grass. It's truly a gift and a blessing.

Keep on letting us know how Finnian is doing. He's spectacular!! Much love to him and to you.

Laurie said...

Hey Lisa,
I hope you dont mind that I share your blog with my mom - I had to show her what you wrote today. I couldnt believe it when I read about Finn rolling over and that quote from Road Map... Just last week, Dylan was trying to roll over (or it seemed that way...either that or he was just doing some kind of flailing about!) on the floor and my mom and sister both made a comment about it. I said exactly what you said - that quote in the book from the pedi. about how "they" all do that and then fall further and further behind...and how your heart will break and break and break. That quote scares me and I have often thought about writing to the author asking her thoughts on it today.
Thinking of you guys!
Lots of love,

Carla said...

I am intrigued by the quote from that book. It seems like it is almost setting you up to not be excited by the good things because less than good things might follow. I find that hard to swallow. I mean, why not truly enjoy the amazing moments and deal with the crappy moments when they come later? I mean, stand in the sunshine while it shines and wait to take out your umbrella until it is actually raining, KWIM? Agh, I'm rambling.