Friday, August 15, 2008


My friend Laurie shared this with me . . . make sure you have your box of tissues handy -


Mary said...

That is a wonderful video and what a beautiful little boy.
I watched some of her other videos, too, and was really impressed by her son's signing skills. Orion never learned to sign that well.
Just goes to show labels really don't mean much.
I have very, very high hopes for Finnian. No lower than I would for any other child I cared about.

Heidi said...

thank you for sharing that with us.

i know a little boy who has downs. he lights up the room he's in. i've known him since he was a baby. he had some early struggles but he overcame them. now, he's in school at the local school. he stays in class with all the other kids. he does not go to special ed. he reads very well (probably better than i do, honestly). i know him from a church that i used to do music for. when he learned to walk, he was included in the service. he'd help take up the collection and help light and blow out the candles. every time i see alex, i marvel at what a very cool kid he is.

the video you shared reminded me of alex.


Jordan said...

What a beautiful video!