Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Casual use of the word "retard"

This is something I've been thinking about for a while. Just the other day, someone, in a casual conversation with me, said, "I'm so retarded . . ." And of course it struck a nerve with me. I wasn't mad - how can I be? I've been guilty of casually throwing that word around myself, until recently. Until it hit home with me and my family in a very painful way. When Finn was still in the hospital, I remember being in the car with Michael, driving somewhere, and I said to him, "We can never use that word again, okay?"

There is a new Ben Stiller movie coming out. I'm asking all of you to take a look at this:


Please boycott this movie.

And please think about casually using the word "retard." It hurts.


milky1980 said...

You are exactly right. That word kills me every single time I hear it! It makes me want to rip their head off. People are so ignorant though that they never slow down to consider others feelings. To me it is as bad as the "N" word.

And no, I won't hesitate to jump someone in public for saying it!

Carla said...

I know my dear friend Elspeth (I think I told you about her in an email) would concur emphatically. It is not a funny, throw away word by any means. I haven't been able to watch the link you posted yet, but I will do so soon.fipfapi

Cindy said...

I don't and won't support any type of movie or event that puts down others the way that one does. I have family with disabilities and my own son Samuel has some problems that we are dealing with. I have also worked at a center for disabled individuals. I hold a huge place in my heart for anyone who has to suffer so. Life is hard enough without more crap thrown in as a hurdle. It is hurtful and so very wrong of society to allow such mean story lines in the way of comedy to be made UGH!

The article was written beautifully - I agree with it whole heartedly.

Ok... sorry for my tangent - it just bugs me big time.

Anonymous said...

Good for you for speaking out. Ben Stiller has lost his way. It's just not okay to take away someone's dignity with a casual remark.

Lis said...

You have my support in boycotting this. You and Laurie have brought, to me, a whole new perspective of living with DS.

Jodi said...

Even worse than the movie itself (which is bad enough), I'm afraid it will give license to people using the word. That's why this boycott is so important - at least to make people think twice before they casually use the word or quote the movie or buy a t-shirt with the quote on it.

Heidi said...

Joining the boycott. I emailed the link to my lists. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.


Janet said...
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Janet said...

I am with you on that this one Lisa.. I am emabarassed to say that I used to use the word casually in the same context as you wrote over 10 years ago until I met my dh and his cousin who has ds. After meeting him, I could not believe how insulting I found hearing it being used, especially in that context.
You will never hear it coming from me or my family- that is a promise!

Jan (Four4us)

Carla said...

I finally got around to reading the link. Awful, plain and simple. This is what is considered entertainment now???