Saturday, August 30, 2008

Finn's week in photos

Beautiful boy
My three sons
Finn with Kevin and the twins, Annabelle and Daisy. I really feel that Finn is so fortunate to have all these older siblings who love him so much. I think they will be his greatest supporters through life.
Finn and Sue, our lovely midwife

Finn and Joey


Anonymous said...

OMG! Those kids, your family, the love....beyond words.

Carla said...

So many pics full of love! My fave is the one right after your midwife; I don't think you have a caption on it. There is just something in that pic that says "you keep hoping, mama!"

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Lisa! Aw, so sweet. He truly is a bundle of joy, as are all the other kids.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa,he is so freakin cute!!! Your family is just gorgeous,truly. I do think that Finn is so lucky to have been born into such a large fabulous family.
It must bring you and Michael great comfort to know that Finn will always have his older siblings to look out for him. Finn has and will continue to transform your family just as your blog states.

Cindy said...

So So Beautiful! I love all your pics!!! Your kiddo's are all darling!

Kristina said...

He's getting so big!! You have a beautiful family!