Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Finn and big sister, Lilah:

Mister Mama:

5 weeks old:


Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa Finn is seriously gorgeous!!!
Congrats on the weight gain too!!!

alyny from PO

BabyShrek said...

Lilah is one proud big sis!!!

Yeah for a good weight gain!

T-rex said...

Lilah looks so big compared to Finn! I love that shot, they're both such beautiful children.

The moby wrap is SERIOUSLY cracking me up. I can't get Peter into anything but his manly backpack... something about a lavender moby doesn't appeal to him? Hmph, beats me!

And Finn is looking very healthy Lisa - bright eyes and focused, GREAT color, and he certainly doesn't look like a baby who isn't eating as he should. He's a peanut for sure, but a *healthy* peanut.

I still love that bright blond hair, it's so funny with how dark the other kid's coloring is! I'd love to see a baby picture of Kevin to compare :)

Thanks for sharing!

Alycia said...

Oh Finn!!!! So cute I just want to eat him up! I want to hold him again!!! He did love me! Lilah looks adorable too! Next to him she looks so big but she looks big next to the girls too! : ) Makes me miss them! Maybe next Thursday I will come over again???

Jodi said...

That picture of Lilah is just adorable. I'd love to know what he's thinking!

Mary said...

Finnian is seriously one of the most beautiful infants I have seen in a long time.
Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Anonymous said...

I love those pics! Lilah looks huge next to Finn, yet when she's seated next to the girls, she's the smaller one. Well... ;>)

Finn is so adorable. I'm so glad I was able to hold him for so long the other day. And when he fell asleep in my arms....sigh.

He looks like Kevin, at least to me he does.

Cindy said...

Soooooooooooo precious! I love your family pics. I can't believe how big Lilah has gotten. And daddy holding Finn is darling. :)

Carla said...

Oh, look at big sister Lilah! So darling! I love the picture of M holding Finn; Finn's sweet little face makes M look even more manly!