Thursday, September 4, 2008

First physical therapy appt.

I have to say that it turned out to be a much more positive experience than I had anticipated. After the bad taste that other physical therapist left - the one who did the initial evaluation on Finn a couple weeks ago - I've been feeling very ambivalent about this appointment. When this therapist called to make the appointment, I could feel my defenses going up right away. She turned out to be very, very nice, very warm and down to earth, though.

Fortunately the boys are both at school today. I fed the girls an early lunch and put Lilah down for an early nap, and then bribed Annabelle and Daisy with brand new crayons and princess coloring books to keep them occupied while the physical therapist was here. So I was actually able to spend a pretty calm, quiet hour with the PT.

We sat down on the floor with Finn on a blanket, and she explained to me that at this stage, with Finn being so young still, that physical therapy can be looked at as more of a tutoring/educational process. She explained how the main thing now is to build his core strength (in his trunk), because all development will grow from that. She commented on how strong he is, how he lifts and controls his head very well, how he pushes off with his feet when he has something to leverage himself against, and she saw him roll over :) She showed me some ways to stimulate and support him several times a day to help him develop in these areas further, but she commented several times that everything he's doing now seems to be typical for any 2-month old baby. I was itching to run and grab the camera, just to document for his baby book his first physical therapy appointment, but I thought it might be weird, so I didn't. Maybe next time :D

Interestingly, she also suggested the possibility of mosaic Down syndrome . . . I did not bring it up, she did. She said she wonders about it because he does seem so high-functioning and because his physical characteristics are so subtle. She has apparently worked with a lot of DS babies and kids, so this wasn't a suggestion coming from someone ignorant about it.

And of course, I again demonstrated my current affliction of diarrhea of the mouth, where I start pouring out everything in my head. I blabbered on and on about my pregnancy with Finn, his birth, his surgery, his stay in the NICU, how I recently read somewhere that 80% of prenatally diagnosed cases of DS end in voluntary termination of the pregnancy, and how heartbreaking it is that 40 years ago, these babies were institutionalized (and at that part I started crying). The whole time, I'm listening to myself go on and on and getting all emotional and I'm telling myself to just shut up, but I seemed unable. I don't know what's wrong with me. Anyway, she was very kind and understanding.

So it was a very positive appointment, and we'll see her again in a couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear that it went so well!! I'm glad your experience with her was better than the last one. I'm sure it was because of how comfortable she made you feel that you were able to share so much about what you've been feeling. It's good to get it out and talk about it! It sounds like you are feeling better today. :-)

Cleo said...

Hi Lisa,
Finnian potential has no limits. He is a fighter and he will be writing his own story one day at a time. Have faith in Finn, believe in him, he will show you little by little all his abilities.
Lisa, you are an amazing mother!!!, nothing is wrong with you. The best thing you can do for you right now is to do whatever you feel like doing and if you find yourself crying is OK, it only means there is pain there that needs to get out of your system, by crying you let it out and then you can find some peace. Be compassionate with yourself, take one day at a time. Enjoy your Finn!!! happy times are ahead, I promise :D

Anonymous said...

Yay for positive appointments! I'm so glad this was a good experience for you both.


Laurie said...

That's such great news, Lisa!! I am glad to hear that he is doing so well. WTG Finn!

Lisa B said...

Excellent to hear that it went well and you felt comfortable with her - yeah!!! lisa b

Jen Williams said...

Hi Lisa,

I am so happy that the appointment went well for Mr.Finn. Don't be so hard on yourself for the "diarrhea of the mouth." I have done the same thing before. I remember thinking the same thing, "why do I have to tell it all?" But for some reason I did. I can share with you one day. In the mean time, enjoy your baby, take pictures for his baby book. Don't deny yourself pure motherly enjoyment in your beautiful little boy. Hopefully we can hang out some time.
Have a great day.
Moby Jen ;)

T-rex said...

That's GREAT Lisa! I am so glad his eval has him right on track! WAHOO!!!

Fascinating about her opinion on him possibly being Mosaic, too... that's something I would take cautiously, but seriously, too.

Go Finn! Lift that head right up, before you know it you'll be off and running with your mom and sibs trying to catch you ^_^

Carla said...

What a great appointment, Lisa! Go, Finn! I was most relieved to hear that this PT had more heart than the original one. Have you thought about telling the agency about your negative experience with the first PT? I feel like people like that should be given feedback on the impact they have on people, especially at such an intense time for a family. Anyway, sending more hugs your way. My MIL is visiting, saw Finn's birth announcement on the refrigerator, and commented on how handsome and bright-eyed he is. Who can miss that???

Cindy said...

So happy to hear things went so well!

Jodi said...

Thrilled to hear about your positive PT appointment. Wonderful news that she got to see the rolling and acknowledges how strong he really is.

Rachel just asked me why Jason isn't rolling yet since "Finn's been rolling for weeks" (she loves that video). Then she suggested that Jason ask Finn to teach him how to roll. :)