Saturday, September 13, 2008

Food for thought . . . and moral examination

(Many thanks once again to my friend, Laurie, for making me aware of a worthwhile item.)

I couldn't even get through this entire article without tears coming to my eyes.

I hope my posting a couple days ago did not come across in a way that implied that I wish I didn't have Finn, because that is the farthest thing from the truth.

It's funny to me, because ever since I posted here about the connection I feel to Sarah Palin, I've been getting all kinds of anti-Sarah Palin propaganda sent my way by well-meaning friends who apparently want to make sure that I'm not planning on voting the Republican ticken in November. The truth is, though, that my feelings of connection to her have nothing to do with her politics - the fact is, I could care less about her politics right now. How can I not feel affected in a very personal way by the fact that she is bringing awareness and compassion for Down syndrome (and other disabilities) to the forefront?


Cleo said...

Lisa, you are a wonderful mother. It is clear you love your beautiful Finn unconditionally, you are doing a tremendous job!!!. Regarding the republican ticket, I’m grateful to Sarah Palin for bringing awareness about Ds in a loving and compassionate way. =)

rickismom said...

I never knew this about DeGalle. Interesting! Thanks

Cindy said...

You are an excellent mom. And of coarse you would feel a connection to Sarah Palin. Totally normal. Whether you vote for her or not is your right and no one should be harassing you about your decision. Seriously. I swear, Everyone needs to realize that people are going to vote one way or the other Period... end of story. Whether it is right or not is in ones own personal thoughts and beliefs. You will do what is best for you.

Sorry, it is just lame that people are bugging you about that.

Laurie said...

Lisa - Im glad you found the article helpful. After I read it, I just knew I had to post it.
Im with you on the Palin stuff...personally I will not be voting Republican, BUT I agree with you about her bringing Ds awareness. It's good stuff!!

Jodi said...

First of all - vote for Palin if you want. California's going for Obama so you can use your vote to vote for Trig (and his mom) if you want to and it won't change the outcome of the election one bit. :)

Politics aside, I think she's an amazing woman who, by making her own personal decision, has started a really meaningful discussion in this country about Down syndrome. I wonder how many parents who get that prenatal test might think twice or search the internet for more information about raising a child with Ds? I wonder how many parents laughed out loud when Trig's sister licked her hand to comb his hair and suddenly Ds was just a little less unknown and a little less scary? I wonder how many people didn't think twice when she said that he was beautiful and perfect?

T-rex said...

That was a wonderful article Lisa, and the eugenics policies are a huge reason why I don;'t support abortion... I just can't bide by valuing humans based on their chromosomal makeup.

I am glad, actually, that Sarah's national debut came at a time when she could be a comfort to you. I think it's important for families to have individuals in the spotlight who represent them in some way, and this is a VERY important way. Neither Trig nor Finn nor any other child with DS deserves to be hidden away like Rosemary, and I, for one, appreciate Sarah showing the world how loving families deal with unexpected circumstances.

BTW, I am praying everyone gets healthy again soon in your house and that Finn's symptoms stay minor! That is NO fun and not stress you need :(