Monday, October 13, 2008

In Search of the Family Jewels

Finn had his ultrasound this morning to locate his . . . ahem . . . boys. And, thank goodness, the tech found them pretty quickly. Even though we already got confirmation that his karyotype showed XY chromosomes (and even though I said I had put that particular worry to rest), it's still been on my mind. They are both up pretty high, and apparently lodged very firmly. I didn't bother asking the tech anything except "Can you see them?" because I know that usually they can't tell you anything, all the information has to be relayed through the doctor. I only know that they are lodged in tight because she called a radiologist in to have a look and that's what I heard her tell him. So I'm guessing that chances are almost certain that he's going to need surgery within the next few months.

To that end, I scheduled a follow-up appt. with the urologist (for next month), and discovered that the uro we originally saw, who was fairly new to the practice (and don't forget it's the only children's urology practice in the county), is leaving. So now we have to see a different doctor in the practice. Sheesh.

Finn was very good during the u/s. Squirmy, but happy. I swear, he had a grin on his face through almost the entire thing. Figures - typical boy, you mess with his privates and he sees the fun in it!

As for me, I just about started crying during the u/s. I don't even know why. Relief, I guess, that his testes were located. But also, geez, sometimes I feel so weary with all the doctor appointments and stuff. I hate hate hate it that he even has this issue . . . and same with his heart (the ASD). I know, I know, compared to what some other babies and their parents are dealing with, this is small potatoes. But still, sometimes it just gets me down that he has these problems. I just want him to be healthy and whole, with all his parts in the right places.


Cleo said...

What a typical boy!!!. Lisa, I’m happy to know they found his jewels pretty quick :). Finnian is a healthy, whole and beautiful baby ~ . :)

Laurie said...

I know what you mean...about what you said in that last part. I would give anything to have all of the correct pieces of Dylan's heart together.

Carla said...

Big, big hugs!