Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well, today's was going to be a lighthearted post about how Finn is now officially a real person ;) Because he was born at home, we had to go to the county records office to register his birth (and bring him as proof!), which we did this morning. So it's official: he exists! Kevin has been very amused by the fact that until this morning, we coItaliculd have just arbitrarily changed Finn's name, so there have been a lot of jokes like "How about if we start calling him Fred?" or "Let's call him Beuford!"

So there's that.

Then this afternoon I finally got in the mail the authorization from the insurance co. to get Finn's ultrasound as ordered by the urologist (remember his undescended testes?). The doctor's notes on the order refer to "undescended, non-palpable testes" and "eval for intersex." I'm trying not to be overly upset, but what's with "non-palpable"? The doc specifically told us that he was able to locate both of Finn's testes in his abdomen by palpation when we were there. And what's with the reference to intersex? He assured us in his office that there was no reason to be concerned about that possibility, and furthermore, several people, including our pediatrician, have assured us since then that when a genetic workup is done (as in the case of Down syndrome confirmation), the sex chromosomes are routinely part of that karyotype, and had there been any question about Finn's gender, the geneticist absolutely would have brought it to our attention. Wouldn't you think that any doctor (i.e., even a pediatric urologist) would know this?

I am actually in the process of attempting to get a copies of all the genetics paperwork generated by the geneticist on behalf of Finn, and we actually have an appointment with her in a couple of weeks to discuss the workup that was done and the possibility of having further analysis done on him to evaluate the possibility of MDS - so we should get a definitive answer that way about this whole intersex thing. God, I can't believe I'm actually blogging about the possibility of my baby being intersex! I really am not too concerned about it at this point, but it bothers me tremendously that the uro made such a note in Finn's chart. And I'm already really irritated with this doctor's office because of how long they jerked me around about getting the order and authorization for the ultrasound, so that doesn't help matters. Unfortunately, from what I understand, it's the only pediatric urology practice in the county :(


heather said...

The only way I think the gender thing could be messed up on the chromosome eval is just if they weren't looking at the gender. Like with Morgan--her name could be either a boy or girl so I don't think the geneticist would have been alarmed to anything if her chromosomes had shown XY and not XX. I would give the geneticist a phone call because I know that with ours they said if I ever had any questions to please call and they could get ahold of her records and answer any questions. Also the MDS should show up on the original chromosome evaluation. So I'd ask about that too because they would know the answer to that and then you could stop wondering and worrying!

Lis said...

Perhaps he put that to "guarantee" the insurance approving the ultra sound?

Chrystal said...

Ugh, Lisa, what a pain!

Honestly, though, my first thought was what "lis" said. The dr may have included that note because he knows the language that gets the appropriate response with the insurance company. It sucks to see, I know, but if that's the case, it might be making things a little easier for you in the long run.

BTW, I got your comment. You can reach me via hotmail with the username ctevia. I hope that was cryptic enough for spammers, yet understandable to you. :-)

Laurie said...

I was thinking along the same lines as Lis. Make sure you let us know what happens.
Thinking of you!

Carla said...

Glad to hear Finn is official now! My Teagan was born at home. I was surprised when the Vital Statistics office didn't even ask to see him, although I brought him. I thought, hmm, anyone could just walk in and get a birth certificate and social security number for any "new baby".
I wouldn't worry too much about the US order verbage. I'm sure it's written that way to be coded a certain way for insurance reimbursement.

Cleo said...

I'm glad that Finn can have his ultrasound now. Lisa, you are going to get a definitive and positive answer and this chapter will be behind you soon. Everything will be fine ~

rickismom said...

I also suspect that the language was for the insurance company......

Shauna Baggtt said...

Hello Heather, we haven't met and no you don't know me from somewhere but I hope I can help you. In my website I represent an organization that helps people with Intersex. I am also Intersex, which is why I am here. I read your blog and hopefully I can be of some assistance. OII Conseil

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Cortney said...

Finn is one lucky guy to have you as his mama. Try not to let this stuff get the best of you. It can be all consuming if you let it. I hope the nursing is going better now. My daughter had a rough first three mo. but after that there was no stopping her. Literally I had to cut her off when she was two. Best of luck & congrats on a gorgeous little guy.

glathreea said...

My first thought was that the language used was to make sure it was covered by the insurance company.
Doesn't make it any easier to see those words in regards to your child though. (((HUGS)))

Alyson from PO

OII: said...

I want to thank Shauna for posting a response. I would also like to point out that OII is affiated with GendersInX which has parents who have faced similar issues.

For more information:

Kind regards,
Curtis E. Hinkle
Founder, OII

Kimberly said...

I have been following your blog since my sister Laurie has. I have enjoyed reading about Finn and think he is such a beautiful baby.
I haven't posted before, but what I do for a living is referrals to specialist and approving US and CAT scans ect... insurance companies try and not approve these tests if at all possible. They basically have a list of 'key diagnosis' that will get the test approve. If the patient does not have that diagnosis, they will send it to medical review and it takes forever to approve if they will approve it at all. I thought I would let you know not to worry about what the Dr. wrote he probably just knew that was what had to be there to expedite the approval of the US.
Take care,
Dylan's proud auntie, Kim.