Thursday, November 13, 2008

Strange but true

This afternoon as I was driving home with the kids after picking Kevin up from school, Kevin was telling me about his presentation in class today on that article from the other day. To refresh, the article concerned a family of a boy with Down syndrome. So Kevin is telling me about his presentation on the article in class today, and how he shared with his classmates that his own brother has Down syndrome. As he's telling me this, we come to a red light. I stop. And into the crosswalk in front of our truck steps . . . a girl with Down syndrome.

Now, I don't believe in the supernatural or anything like that, but wow, interesting coincidence.


Tara Marie said...

smile......I believe in signs.

I love the fact that Kevin presented this article and is sharing about his brother.

Tricia said...

OK. So maybe this is terrible, but Alex and I have a little running joke (we started it when we got up to like, 14 people with DS when we were in Ireland last year)...we look at each other and say "they're everywhere."

Because they are. Just like you and me.

That said, it's pretty cool that she walked by when you were talking about it.