Tuesday, December 9, 2008


That arm thing Finn was doing yesterday? Not a waggle today. Go figure.

He had P/T this morning. He fussed and crabbed his way through it, but he went along with it all the same.

Have I mentioned how much I like his therapist (Moon the Magical Fairy!)? She's tough, but warm, if that makes sense. She expects him to work, but she's compassionate. She's also very reassuring, and we get some good chit-chat in during therapy. It's interesting to hear about the other kids she works with (she never mentions names, just situations).

When I mentioned Finn's arm thing from yesterday to her, she just laughed. She said that so many of her parents are worried that some little repetitive thing their child does means autism, and it's almost always nothing. Then we talked a little about autism (she works with autistic kids, too).

Anyway, Finn wasn't exactly into therapy today - last week he totally wasn't into it; this week was slightly better. But he worked and was pretty tuckered out when it was over. She can actually get him to sit up unassisted for a couple seconds at a time! I can't seem to get him positioned properly for this, but will keep working on it. She said that in another month or so he'll probably be ready for a Jumperoo or Exersaucer (she said that she thinks the Jumperoo provides better "bounce" which aids in leg muscle development). So I think I'm going to drop Santa a note to please bring Finn a new Jumperoo for Christmas :)


Leigh Anne said...

sounds like it was productive :) we have the activity center by baby einstein...it's like a jumperoo and exersaucer combined. sydney loves it....esp the music.

Jaida said...

Glad to hear you're not too fazed by Finn being crabby during therapy. My son hated it his whole first year, but now that he's two he is attending a clinic and has an absolute blast with it. Sounds like you did luck out with your therapist too...it's great when they're not pushovers!