Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This morning Finn had an appt. with the cardiologist for another echo. I was dreading the appt. this morning after how it went at his last echo back in October, but it actually went much, much better today. He was such a good boy, a little trooper! He stayed fairly still for most of it, and fortunately we got a sonographer this time who seemed a little less high-strung (last time we got someone who kept insisting on shoving a pacifier with sugar water in his mouth even though I told her he doesn't take a paci, and she ended up dumping the sugar water in his hair!), and she was able to get all the images she needed.

He does still have an ASD, but the cardiologist said that it appears to have shrunk from about 2.5 mm to about 2 mm. She said that it is so small that she doesn't think we need to go back for another echo FOR A YEAR!! Woo hoo! I actually went in this morning assuming she would want to see him again in three months and I intended to ask for six months.

So, all is well there!


I swear, Finn is becoming positively pudgy! That whole trouble putting on weight he had as a newborn? It all seems like a bad dream now. He's about 14 1/2 pounds now - and already has a couple of his sibs beat for this age. Annabelle was only 14 pounds 15 ounces at a year old! I am going to have to post some pics of his rolls soon :)


In other news, Finn has apparently decided that that whole sleeping through the night thing is for the birds. It started a couple weeks ago: he went from sleeping 10 - 11 solid hours at night to waking once or twice and wanting to nurse. I can handle that. But now, almost every night, I am up and down with him All. Night. Long. I am getting almost no sleep these days. I hope this is temporary, because I don't know how much more I can take.


Jeanette said...

Yeah on the echo... Boo on the nightowl. We have gone through bouts of this. It is absolutely exhausting for both of us! Good luck Lisa! Hang in there!

Following Him said...

YAY that the echo went well! Hope mr. Finn decides to start sleeping through the night again like NOW!

Khourt said...

Great news on the echo. Its always such an awesome feeling to leave the doctors without another worry.

Erin said...

Praise God on the Echo! And if he's got all those rolls....well, he's gotta eat! =) Hopefully this is just a big growth spurt and he'll get back to his normal sleeping soon!

Michelle said...

Good news on the echo! We were given the one year release last March for Matty's VSD. It's time to go back next month...:( Hopefully the night time wakings will send soon. I'm about to embark on the newborn journey again. Not sure I'm ready!

Signe said...

It is so good to read about Finnian's progress and the good news about his ASD. He might be having nighttime conversations with Lauren as she has also decided that sleeping all night is very over rated!