Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not for everyone

Have you heard of the Perry Brothers? Or Ponceman? They are brothers, one of whom has Ds. They make videos together. Funny videos. They don't tiptoe around Ds. They don't tiptoe around much at all, in fact.

I am posting this with a caveat: this isn't for everyone. Some will find it offensive, degrading, crude, etc., etc.

These two guys are irreverent . . . but personally, I was laughing my ass off watching some of their material. Maybe it says something about my character. Maybe it says something about where I'm at with this whole Ds thing. I don't know. I like that it's a complete departure from the stuff you usually see. I like the sense that it's two guys doing guy stuff, as vulgar as that might be. And I like that - at least it feels to me like - they're making fun of people's perceptions.

Anyway, you've been warned. Watch at your own risk.

The Ponceman videos

Who is Josh "The Ponceman" Perry?


Jen said...

Unfortunately I do not have three hours to spend watching these videos, but I sure WISH I did. I watched a couple, and they're freaking hilarious. I guess I've got the same warped sense of humor as you, Lisa, because this? This gives me hope.

My name is Sarah said...

Oh my gosh. It is 9:42pm and Sarah hasn't even had a shower yet because we are watching these crazy videos. I must have had my head in the sand because I have never heard of these guys or seen them. You are right. They are not for everyone. But Sarah, Matt and I were laughing until it hurt. I just hope she doesn't repeat some of it at her job tomorrow. If I get a call, I'm blaming it on you:)

Anonymous said...

How cute is he? Both of them?LOL

Megan said...

Dude - the thing you've GOT to remember is that Finny baby more YOU than Ds. The media bullshit about Ds is just that, BULLSHIT! I have seen so many people out there, livin' life, who are just people...not the media portrayal of a person with Ds.

Oh, but Finn better not be so crude with his beautiful wife! LMAO!