Sunday, February 1, 2009


I love:

~ His gummy grin, and the way his eyes scrunch up when he laughs.

~ Also how just seeing his mama brings that big gummy grin to his face.

~ The way he smells. Especially fresh from a bath. But even a couple days without a bath, I love the way he smells

~ Baby slobber. Really. When he gums and mouths my face, it's the sweetest thing.

~ The feel of the weight and warmth of him nestled against me.

~ The way he says "Mamamamamama" both when he's happy and when he's in distress.

~ How much love his brothers and sisters have for him. It so often leaves me speechless.

I want:

~ For him to be happy and feel loved.

~ For him to live a full, satisfying life.

~ For him to laugh and sing and dance and cry and love.

~ For him to always know his value.


Kristin said...

That is true love right there! You are an amazing mommy.

Jeanette said...

So sweet! I finally put your award on my blog. I completely flaked and forgot. I shot it back to you b/c I love your blog! Thanks for thinking of me.

Rebecca said...

Your blog is beautiful and your son is adorable. I breastfed my son for almost 20 months. The docs said it wouldn't happen, but I persevered and I think it's made a big difference in his mouth muscles.

I love the baby smell.

Anonymous said...

He's going to have an amazing life!