Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kidney Reflux

This is not for me, but for a friend who has a young daughter who was just diagnosed with kidney reflux. My friend was sure she had seen somebody reference this in a comment to one of my posts a while back, but we can't seem to uncover the comment or the commenter. If you have experience with kidney reflux and are willing to share your experience with my friend, could you drop me an email (link in sidebar) with your contact info? Thanks!


Karly said...

No personal connection to her, but a quad mom who's blog I read dealt with kidney reflux with her daughter.

Khourt said...

I never mentioned it but Alo has it.

Antipodas said...

Hi Lisa

I'm taking your offer to contact you about your friend's kid. My daughter had kidney reflux and underwent an operation to fix it after all attempts to keep her healthy without surgery failed. As a result I started to post on a blog with our experience. As well I started a Yahoo! group for parents who've undergone experiences of kidney reflux and surgery to correct it.

Here're the addresses:

Blog: Ureteral reimplantation blog
Support group:">Support group