Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's embarassing . . .

. . . how much emotional gratification I get from these blog awards ;) Sonia of A Hapa Girl and Her Hapa Family passed this along to me. Thank you, Sonia, I'm honored!

The rules of the award state that I must list seven things I love, and then pass the award onto seven bloggers I love to read.

I love:

1. Finnian's giggle and smooshy cheeks
2. Lilah's good nature and jiggly butt
3. Annabelle's laugh, and, yes, sometimes even her mischievousness
4. Daisy's hugs and beautiful curls
5. Joey's amazing brains and quirky "Joey-isms"
6. Kevin's love for his siblings and sense of compassion
7. Michael's talent, smarts, sense of humor, and devotion to his family.

See how I did that? Wayyy more than seven things :)

Blogs I love (and am therefore passing this award to):

1. Wendy @ Zip Perdue Dee Dah (she's fairly new to blogging, but not so new to the Ds world; check her out!)
2. Cheryl @ Ruby's Life
3. Loren @ Malakai Stow
4. Lovin Mama @ Livin for the Love
5. Tausha @ Let Your Troubles Roll By (another one fairly new to blogland)
6. CJ @ Little Miss E (awesome founder of the T21 Traveling Afghan Project!)
7. Megan @ Audrey & Stella's Playground (a woman after my own heart, on so many levels)

It's hard to choose. If you look at my subscriptions in Google Reader, there are many more blogs that I follow, and I get so much out of every one of them. Thank you, everyone, for sharing your journeys with me.
Seven Blogs I LOVE to read:


Wendy P said...

Lisa - I am ridiculously thrilled! You made my week! I'll accept and pass it on shortly - thanks so much!

starrlife said...

And why shouldn't you be thrilled and happy about it?lol