Thursday, March 26, 2009

Love and Marriage

This link was left in the comment section to my "Sex" post, and I didn't want it to get lost in the shuffle. Take a look: . I found this to be so encouraging and uplifting.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I've met her and her husband. They live here in Nashville... I met them at the national conference in Atlanta and her hubby came up behind her and smacked her on the butt (in a playful way of course). She started giggling and was like, "STOP IT!" but you could tell she loved every minute. They were SO cute!

heather said...

I checked out that link after I read the comments in the sex post. I felt the exact same as you. I was seriously so happy to see her website. She is so beautiful and her artwork is amazing! It gave me hope for Morgan too. I'm glad you posted the link so more will be able to see her amazing wedding pics and talent!

Maureen said...

I'm glad that link helped you feel more positive about Finn finding a girlfriend some day.

Anyone that 'knows' me via the internet knows I've had a hard time with Kenneth's diagnosis. I'm a worrier by nature so I tend to obsess way too much over things I have no control over. However, I honestly do believe that our kids have a good chance at finding love. Think about it; things are so different now for our kids and the internet plays a major role as well. If all of us parents can 'find' and communicate with each other, think of all the connections that can and will happen for our kids when they're older. I think our kids simply need the ability to locate each other and then dating will be a natural progression. Years ago there were no such opportunities. No one talked about things openly and, as no doubt you already know, lots of our kids weren't even raised at home. It's no wonder there were so few relationships back in the day! I truly don't think the issue was ever the ability of our kids to form relationships; I just think they weren't given the chance!

BTW, there's also another couple whose love story is widely known about in the ds community. Do you know about Carrie and Sujeet? They had a beautiful wedding in 2006. I'll see if I can find a link to their story and photos when I get a chance.