Friday, April 24, 2009

Bronchiolitis and I'm such a bonehead

I took Finn to the ped today because: (a) as I mentioned a couple days ago, he's sick again, (b) his being sick resulted in a total of about two hours of sleep for me last night, and (c) I missed our pediatrician's office - after all, it had been a whole freaking week since I was there last.

We saw the nurse practitioner (our ped wasn't in today) and after listening to his cough (which is pretty awful sounding) and his chest, and hearing a definite wheeze, she decided that a breathing treatment right there in the office was in order, so we sat there for 10 minutes with the mask up to his crying face, releasing albuterol mist. It did seem to loosen things up so she diagnosed him with bronchiolitis and sent us on our way with two prescriptions - one for amoxicillan and one for albuterol syrup. I know the albuterol can result in hyperness, but he fell asleep in the truck on the way home after the breathing treatment, so I take that as a good sign. I hope we can get some much needed sleep tonight.

And I just realized a few minutes ago that I have been giving him only a fraction of the dosage of Zantac he's supposed to be taking. He's supposed to be taking 1 ml twice a day, and I've been giving him .1 ml (that's point one) twice a day. Hellooooo?!? Who decided I was qualified for this job again?


Erin said...

Addie was diagnosed with the same thing, although the nebulizer helped, so we have been giving her a treatment a day for the last week or so and she is pretty much over good luck! There is an end in site!!

Jen said...

Better too little than too much, right?

Evan had bronchiolitis several times during his first year. We used a nebulizer every now and then, but he hasn't needed it in two years. Hope Finn feels better soon!

Ruby's Mom said...

Poor Finn :( I hope he gets over it quickly.

starrlife said...

So sorry about little Finn's illness. I think I read somewhere that acid reflux can irritate the bronchials so perhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel? And I sure hope you get some sleep- it does help:)

Carla said...

Oh, poor Lisa and Finn. I hope he feels better soon...and, yes, the Rx amount is exactly something I would have done, too. I second what someone else said, better that it was too little than too much!