Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sick . . . again.

Finn, that is. Well, Finn and Lilah. And the others probably close behind. Symptoms: runny nose and eyes, listlessness, croupy-sounding cough, and slight fever. I'm so sick of the sicknesses! I'm fully expecting an ear infection to come into play too. How's that for optimism?

In other (non-)news, feeding solids continues to be a major struggle. I've realized that consistency is key, so I've been going through the routine every day: put him in his high chair, strap on his bib, sprinkle some Cheerios or rice puffs on the tray for him to play with (fine motor skills, right?), and try to interest him in the puree du jour. There's never any interest and it always ends up with me literally forcing the spoon between his clamped gums. Sometimes he swallows some (I'm guessing not intentionally), most of the time he gags and/or spits it out. So frustrating. And now with him not feeling well, I'm thinking that force-feeding is probably not the best tactic.

He had PT yesterday for the first time in three weeks (Eun has been on vacation) and I told her about our struggles with food and how I was informed that I can't get a consult with an OT. She said that next week when she comes she'll observe and see if she can offer any pointers. I'm also going to look into this Z-vibe that Cheryl talked about on her blog.

So, we're just plugging along.


Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Have you experimented with temperature of the pureed foods. This was the key for us. He would literally spit out anything that was room temperature but if we heated it up or chilled it, he was totally into it! Something to do with sensory input and the fact that he likes extremes so it was the same with his food. I hope this helps :)!!! Hang in there with the illness. What a drag!!!!

Carla said...

I wish I had some helpful words about the solids. I'll just send hugs! We're all sick here again, too. No fever, but runny nose, cough, etc. I don't even have the energy to be mad about it. I'm actually depressed about it. I'm so sorry it is passing through your house again, too. :-(

Tausha said...

I know with Sam he struggled at first when we fed him in his high chair or bumbo chair. My Mom told me to put him in his bouncy and vibrating chair which made him lay down much more and he started eating a bit more and easier. I have now moved him back to his high chair and he does okay but when he seems tired I put him back in the bouncy chair. Not sure if that will help at all but it seemed to help us a little. Seemed that he would get to tired and his head would hang down and I couldn't even get the spoon to his mouth. My friend's little boy (Benson) is having a hard time as well and she uses the vibrating thing so that might really help you. I should have her get on your blog and comment as she does get OT and maybe she can give you some suggestions that the OT have given her as Benson sticks his tongue out and it has made it really difficult to feed him. I'll see if she has any suggestions.