Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More on hearing

Thanks to everyone for all the great input, I really appreciate it!

I left a message for the audiologist yesterday because I want to ask two things: (1) can we do the otoacoustic emissions test (as Katie M suggested - thanks for that!) instead of a sedated ABR, and (2) if it's determined that Finn actually does have hearing loss, what would they propose to do about it? Because if there isn't anything they would do about it anyway, then why do the test? Of course I haven't heard back from the audiologist.

Regardless, I've pretty much decided NOT to consent to the sedated ABR at this point. My understanding is that the hearing loss/impairment that is typically associated with Ds is due to chronic fluid in the inner ear. Finn now has tubes and no longer has fluid in his inner ears, as confirmed by the tympanometry test the other day. I really believe that he hears just fine, based on his behavior and response level at home, including the noticeable improvement he's shown since having the tubes placed. Plus, as someone pointed out to me, his tubes will fall out eventually and chances are he'll need to have more put in - they can do a sedated ABR then if they want to.

I'm sure sedation is generally safe, but like anything else, it carries risks, and I just feel like I have to be extra cautious with Finn. Actually, I think I'd have reservations about sedation for any of my kids unless it was completely necessary. It's that mama bear thing.

In other news, Finn has a summer cold now :( It's the first time he's been sick since he had the tubes placed. It will be interesting to see if he ends up with an ear infection.


sheree said...

I think you made a fantastic decision!

Mel said...

Good on you for going with your gut on this one. You know Finn the best :)

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Great decision!
On the ear infection issue, poor Joaquin got his first couple ear infections AFTER he got the tubes. He never got one before....I guess the little tubes help get the fluid out but they also allow for bacteria bugs to get in :(!
I hope Finn feels better soon!

The Paskins Family said...

Hey there! I read your blog all the time and am thankful for how raw you are - it has helped me to be the same on my blog.

My 7 mo old, Nate, had a sedated ABR/AOE 2 weeks ago because they just couldn't get a good read on him when he was awake. I did it because we have had 4 other 4 hr tests with him to determine exactly what his hearing issues are and still didn't know. Nate has one canal that is really small, so they have a hard time getting a good read. It's a nightmare.

Anyway, it sounds like Finn hears just fine, so I think you're making the right decision. You have enough going on in your world - you don't need to add another worry (and expense!).

I hope Finn feels better soon!

Ria said...

That's a great thought to put off sedated ABR until (and only if) Finn needs tubes again. I never thought of that so thanks for the idea. That's a bummer about the summer cold. Matthew has just recovered from one, which I now have and slowly recovering from it myself. I hope Finn gets better soon.

Lisa said...

Sounds like the best decision! And I hope Finn bounces back quickly from the summer cold. Yuck!

Carla said...

One of the things I appreciate most about you, Lisa, is your ability to gather information, weigh that information with your gut, and make the decision that works best for you and yours. Admirable.