Friday, July 10, 2009


Meet Andres, Finn's occupational therapist:

So Finn has had 3 OT sessions now (and Andres has called every week between sessions to see how Finn is doing, which both amazes and impresses me and also magnifies what a slacker I feel like). Finn seems to have turned a corner (another corner) on feeding just in the last week: he has suddenly taken a liking to stage 3 baby foods, which are pretty chunky and textured. And honestly? I don't think it has much, if anything, to do with the OT he has received thus far. This seems to be how Finn operates: he takes his sweet time mastering a new skill - whether it's due to tentativeness, stubbornness or lack of ability on his part, I have no idea - and just when I become scared that he's never going to get it, he gets it. "Quit your worrying, Ma, I'll do it in my own time," he seems to be saying. So he's gone from smooth, runny, very pureed baby food to chunky, textured baby food almost over night.

The purpose of Finn finally being approved for OT was feeding issues. So now we're going to work on self-feeding and cup drinking. Andres mentioned today that if Finn keeps progressing at this pace, we might want to decrease OT from once a week to twice a month. Which, really, I'd be fine with.


Catherine Just said...

hi. I just found you and love reading your posts. I have a 5 month old baby boy named Max with Ds. And he has a blog too. If you want to check it out you can see him at

It's great to see your child go through everything and read what you go through with him as well.


Following Him said...

YAY Finn! He will do anything in his own time! What a cutie (Finn I mean)!

Brandie said...

Am I the only one who spent more time checking out Andres than reading about Finn? Sorry. That is awesome that Finn is ready for some new foods/textures!

My name is Sarah said...

OK my mom says I NEVER had an OT that looked like that. We want a do over:) Finn is always so adorable.

Andrea said...

Lisa, your commentary about getting it "in his own time" reminded me of a book that I *loved* for my little boy, (even though it's about a girl duck, lol!) it's called Ruby In Her Own Time. It's a sweet little story about a mommy and daddy duck worried about one of their little duckies always being "behind". You should check it out, it's cute!