Monday, August 31, 2009

Really, really good articles and website!

Check out this website: Kids Together

Lots of great info, but these two articles in particular stand out to me:


Mary said...

Thanks for the link and the research you have done. I like what I have read so far.. seems like common sense to me!!


mauimom said...

Well said! Thank you for the link, I have been looking for websites like that. Also, I enjoyed your previous blog post on "therapy". As a physical therapist myself(and a parent), I agree with a lot of the points you made. Although I generally work with adult clients, when setting therapy goals, it should always be done with input from the client, to determine what outcomes are meaningful and appropriate for them. In the case of a pediatric client, a partnership between the parents/caregivers and the therapist is crucial to ensure that the goals of therapy are relevant to the child's life. This should not be overlooked, since the parents actually act as the child's primary "therapist" as they incorporate the therapy techniques and/or adaptations in the child's daily life.

Anonymous said...

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