Thursday, September 24, 2009

Feeding woes

Finn is over his nursing strike, for the most part. It still takes some coaxing sometimes, but at the moment, I'm no longer worried about dehydration. Now I'm worried about other things.

Have I mentioned that Finn has a mouthful of teeth now? Yeah. He's got ten teeth, at least - maybe more: four top front teeth, two bottom front teeth, and at least four molars. Take a look at his two bottom front teeth:

Here, take a closer look:

Weapons of mass destruction, I tell you. Perhaps you've read that babies with Ds often get teeth that are sharp and pointy. I can vouch for it. Sharp, pointy, jagged. And he uses them to bite. Me. Yes, we're back to that. (Would it be mean if I called him Snaggletooth?)

So nursing has become an unpleasant ordeal of late. I tense up and brace myself whenever I sit down to nurse him. And he bites me. Every. Single. Time. Often one of the other kids comes running with a worried expression, saying, "Are you okay, Mom?" when they hear me yelling out in pain. I am very surprised that he hasn't drawn blood (yet).

Grrrr. If I had another reliable way of getting liquids into him, I would probably be throwing in the towel on nursing about now.

I hope this passes soon.


Tausha said...

Wow, those are sharp little buggers. Sam has one tooth and it's halfway in and looks just like Finn's. He had his first Dentist appt. Our Doctor at Primary Children's Hospital told us to get one and get him used to the sights, sounds and smells at the office. So, he went today and they looked at his one little tooth, it was pretty funny. Anyway, watch out for those chompers.

Leigh Anne said...

sydney bites me too. it hurts like hell. she does it and then laughs. nice. and she has left a welt. OW!

I'm sorry it's making nursing not go so well.

love ya lisa...

heidi marie said...

OUCH!!! but funny because henry is a snaggletooth, too!

Mel said...

They look just like Luke's bottom teeth. His are skinny and jagged, but the top ones are huge! Good luck with the feeding and glad to hear he's feeling better.

Carla said...

Ouchies! I wish I had some advice for you, but I don't. :-(

Jeanette said...

Sydney's teeth look pretty similar.