Friday, November 6, 2009


Finn had a regular follow-up appointment with the pediatric opthamologist today. It was a complete non-event, which I guess is good. Everything looks good, he seems to see just fine, and the doc didn't mention anything about the apparent smaller optic nerve that he made note of 9 months ago. Whatever. Sometimes I feel like we're just going through the motions for some of this stuff. If your kid has Ds, there's a checklist, apparently, of things to have checked periodically, whether they're exhibiting symptoms or not. Not sure how I feel about it at this point. I'm throwing the hearing eval out the window, that I know. Vision, the doc said come back in a year. Okay.

I dunno. This doctor is a good doctor, I guess. He's got a good bedside manner, a good reputation. We actually took Joey to see him when he was a baby because he went through a period of occasionally crossing his eyes (he outgrew it), so Finn is actually not our first experience with this guy. He's nice. But kind of a ding bat. The first time I took Finn to see him, you might remember that he was of the opinion that Finn must only have mild Down syndrome. A doctor, for crying out loud! Today he was of the opinion that Finn was a little girl. He kept referring to him as "her" and "she." It was too comical to even get offended over; I just kept snickering to myself.



Leigh Anne said...

glad it was uneventful. sorry the dr kept calling him a girl...he totally looks like a boy...haha. but sydney gets called "he" all the time...even in her pink stroller and pink coat. go figure.

Lisa said...

One of Sheridan's specialists always refers to him as a girl. I took a sneak peak at the chart, and they have "her" and "she" throughout the whole thing. I think it's funny. People usually think he's a girl because of his hair and eyes... it didn't help last week when I had him in a hot-pink shirt (that boy can rock some pink!). :) Glad Finn's eval was uneventful!

datri said...

glad it was uneventful, that's always nice. The first ophthalmologist we took Kayla to said to come back in a year, I hated his very rude staff, so I found another one, who told me that she has strabismus badly enough for surgery! Got a 2nd opinion on that, who said wait another year before thinking about surgery, and then FINALLY found a great ophthalmologist who has experience with multiply disabled kids and was WONDERFUL with Kayla. She suggested glasses first (instead of surgery) where the other doctors figured she wouldn't be able to keep glasses on. Sigh. Give the kid a chance!

Heidi said...

well, fin would be a cute girl. but he's even more cute as a boy. silly doc.

ds.mama said...

You know, he is pretty enough to be a girl :-)

Glad to hear the eyes work as good as they look.