Thursday, December 10, 2009

Object Permanence

Of late, Finn has become very grabby with the . . . err, boobage. He becomes very focused and determined to access them no matter what locale we happen to find ourselves in. I remember all my other nurslings eventually doing this too, and it can be annoying and a little embarrassing. And in Finn's case, a little funny. Because it makes me think of that little "test" they do as part of his developmental evaluation every six months. You know, the one where the therapist covers a toy with a small blanket or towel, to see if he will look for it? That one. Well, at Finn's last eval a few months back, I think he pretty much failed that test. Once the toy was covered, he didn't look for it.

Maybe he just didn't care about that toy. Maybe it wasn't important to him. You know, like the boobies, which are very important to him apparently. And he knows exactly where to go looking for them when they're covered up.

I'm thinking of requesting that this be made part of his eval next time around. Whatcha think?


Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

Hahahaha! Perfect!
I'm convinced our little ones are WAY smarter than their evaluators know especially when in comes to those darn tests :)!

Brandie said...

That should definitely be on the next eval! And my husband has always wondered why I don't wear low cut tops. The kids reveal enough, I don't need to show anymore.

Goldie always scored a 0 in adaptive skills because she never held her own bottle. Um, she never drank from a bottle. Oh well, it qualified her for OT.

Leigh Anne said...

hahaha. how funny. as you know
we didn't get to nurse nearly as long as i'd have liked, but sydney this days...sticks her hands down my shirt and pinches...and puts her head there. haha.

Kelly said...

lol:) Love it......I absolutely agree! Imagine that, they already know how to manipulate the system. I call that genius!