Saturday, February 20, 2010

One of the questions posed to me during the last two of Finn's developmental evaluations was "Does he understand 'no'?" The answer I've given has been that we really haven't had much occasion to tell him "no." He's never been naughty as of yet, and doesn't get into much mischief.

That's all changing suddenly.

He's developing quite a heightened sense of curiosity and adventure lately - as well as a stubborn streak. He's at that stage where some of his favorite pastimes include:
  • taking all the books from the lower bookshelves and ripping the covers off
  • throwing things
  • opening drawers and emptying them
  • tipping things over, like step-stools and floor lamps
I am finding myself saying "no" to him quite a bit lately! Does he understand? It's hard to say. Sometimes he pauses in his mischief and gives me an impish grin and then keeps right on doing what he was doing. Sometimes redirecting him along with "no" works, but often, he'll navigate his way right back to the place I removed him from so he can continue on his merry way.

Yep, he's definitely one of my kids.


Mel said...

Haha, sounds very similar to someone living in my house! I still wonder if my 6 year old understands no....Luke has a mean throw on him, and can hit me with food from one end of the kitchen to the other. Strange they never ask about that stage in their evaluations!

Esther and Brian said...

Hahaha! Finn is a month and a half older than my twinkies but I think that the three of them at a stage where they do indeed understand "no" but choose to ignore it, or smile at you and then go back to what they were doing! Happens all day long here.

I truly believe that Mr.Finn does understand it!

Dina said...

Ozzie understands quite a few things but when I say no -- and I say it a lot since he too wants to grab everything and throw everything and lick a lot of things he shouldn't -- he either looks at me blankly or just IGNORES me. I'll do the whole finger wagging and 'no no no' and he at least stops what he is doing for a moment to mimic me,laugh about it, and then picks up where he left off. He knows exactly what he is doing! Just like every other 18 month old I've met.

The Sanchez Family said...

Totally sounds like Joaquin too...that impish grin is too much! Hard to stay mad at them isn't it? Lately Joaquin will give me his BIGGEST smile (ear to ear) when I say no...just hoping that I'll smile back at him....this is when they learn they can REALLY manipulate us!!!!

Tricia said...

I remember when I finally had to start saying no to Georgia, too, because it really took a LONG time.

Does it ever end is the question?