Thursday, October 21, 2010

Finnian And the Case of the Disappearing Sandwich

This was Finn's lunch today. A sandwich. Peanut butter and honey on whole wheat bread.

He has come so far with eating. It doesn't seem all that long ago that I was crying over avocados (okay, so it was six months ago), feeling pretty hopeless about his feeding issues and wondering if he'd ever eat table food. He eats pretty much everything now. He even swiped a slice of pepperoni pizza off the table when my back was turned last week, and he ate the whole thing.

Our cupboards are not bare of baby food just yet. I still resort to it when I need to get him fed quickly, because the truth is, it took him a solid half hour to eat that sandwich. But he ate it. All by himself.


Mel said...

Great job Finn- and he looks pretty clean! Mine afe always filthy after meals, need to get the hose out... What a star :)

Monica said...

Awesome job, Finn. Are you sure the dog didn't sneak some? :-) John Michael is quite clever at sneaking food to our dog who is NOT supposed to be near in the kitchen during our mealtime, but somehow mysteriously appears and disappears when JM is eating. LOL. Seriously... that is really awesome! You are changing and growing so fast!

Beth said...

Gosh, Lisa. He is SO cute. He just keeps getting more and more handsome.

Tausha said...

Please tell me what you did to get him to eat table food?? I am pulling my hair out.