Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Long Overdue Post About What Finn's Up To

Boy, life sure has a way of getting in the way of blogging, huh?

I can sum up what Finn is up to these days in one word: TROUBLE. In a nutshell, he's into everything. And he's a very determined little guy. And I'm pretty sure he's snickering at me behind my back as he puts me through the paces.

He's figured out how to climb up on his toy chest and . . . redecorate.

He climbs. Boy does he climb.

He's figured out how to make good use of a step stool:

Here's some general rabble rousing:

Oh, and look what a smarty pants he is:


esther said...

lisa, he is so darn cute! i love how he looks at you in the second video while opening the bottom drawer--he sort of has this look of "maybe i should not be doing this, and i know that, but let's see what i can get away with!".

out of curiousity- (and my education), i remember you writing a long time ago that children with ds are (often) shorter than kids without ds..is that the case with finn, too? it's impossible to tell from the photos and videos..just trying to put the whole picture together! ps: not that my twins are super tall whatsoever...:)

Lisa said...

Esther, Finn is definitely a peanut. I don't know his current height, but I do know (from a trip to the ped's a couple days ago for a bad cold/ear infection) that he currently weighs just a hair shy of 23 pounds. All my kids have been on the small side, though, so I don't know at this point if he's small because he's my kid, or because he has Ds.

esther said...

hey, well, see how deceiving photos can be! i thought that finn had more meat on him...my patrick is just 22lb while eric is 23lb (28 months) so i hear you...it's zero percentile for us...but then again, their looks depend on the height, not just weight! we're in 2T clothes right now...

i like having little peanuts, though...it's cute!

Lacey said...

Oh he looks like he's a trouble maker for sure! A very cute one at that!

Talley Images said...

I seriously thought he was a doll in that first picture... he is so cute... even when he is getting into trouble

Susan Carson said...

The stepstool video is HYSTERICAL! Your irresponsible decision to stop physical therapy has obviously greatly hindered Finn's development. You are a very bad Momma.