Sunday, January 9, 2011

Moving On

After a great deal of thought and wrestling with the decision in my head, I've decided it's time to retire Finnian's Journey. This has been kind of an emotional and agonizing decision - this blog embodies so much for me: everything that my life has become with the addition of Finn to our family two and a half years ago. However, at this point Finn is just one of our kids, and Down syndrome isn't the focal point for me that it once was.

I am going to leave Finnian's Journey up, and hopefully new parents of babies with Down syndrome will stumble across it and read parts of it and see that this journey is an incredibly enriching one.

I've started a new blog where I will continue to write about all the things that spill forth from my mind - including, but not limited to, Finn and Down syndrome.

Life As I Know It

I am so very grateful for all the support I've gotten by way of this blog, all the incredible parents and chromosomally enhanced children I've gotten to know, and all the friendships I've gained. Thank you, everyone, from my heart of hearts.

I hope you'll visit me at my new blog!


Maggie said...

Thanks for coming back to say goodbye, instead of just stopping posting. It's been a delight to read your words here -- and I'm one lurker who will be delighted to follow you to your new blog.

Carla said...

Looking forward to "seeing" you at your new place. :o)

Anonymous said...


I have loved following your blog. Your honesty in describing your beautiful family will be missed.... but I totally understand your need to branch into another dimension where down syndrome will have a place, but not be the focus. blessings, a friend

Irina said...

great blog, beautiful Finnian.

Nicole O'Dell said...

Congrats on your decision. Will follow to your new digs!