Saturday, July 12, 2008

DAY 5: JULY 11, 2008

Finn was placed under the bili lights today, as his bilirubin count has not gone down as they had hoped it would by now. He was born with a very high hemoglobin count - the doc called it "sticky blood." Not uncommon in newborns, but the way they typically break down and eliminate the excess red blood cells is through peeing and pooping, which he is now doing, but he's not taking food orally, so it's slowing the whole process of breaking down this bilirubin. So under the lights he must be for a while. It's sad because he has to wear this blindfold to protect his eyes, which he doesn't like, and he can't be swaddled, and swaddling seems to be something that really soothes him.

So he pooped at least 3 times today - woo hoo!! He pooped once in the morning when Michael was in with him, and Michael got to do diaper duty, and then later in the afternoon when I went to see him he pooped again and I got to change him :)

Overall he's doing well. He's back up to birthweight, which is surprisingly good. He was 6 lbs. even at birth and when he was admitted to the NICU less than 24 hours later he was down to 5 lbs. 7 oz. They expected it to take a week or two for him to get back up to birthweight, with the surgery and everything, and the fact that he's only taking nutrition via IV, but he's up there already. So it looks like our little guy is a determined little fighter.

They still haven't been able to wean him down to room air, so he still has the nasal canula delivering oxygen to him. They lower it by degrees several times a day and sometimes he does well with it and sometimes not, and that's when they have to increase the oxygen output again.

Michael took Joey to see him today, which went really well. Joey seemed to take all the machinery and tubes and wires in stride. He stroked Finn's head and talked to him.

I am dealing with some post-birth issues that are starting to be a concern. My body is just not bouncing back from the birth the way it should, and I am beginning to be fearful that I'm going to end up in the hospital.


Carla said...

Okay, Lisa, it is time to take Alycia up on that offer to call her when you need to SLEEP. You cannot be in the hospital, too, and will be of no good whatsoever to Finn if you are not well. Please, I beg you get some much needed rest. If need, find a local friend whose house is empty all day and ask to use their spare bedroom...pump, sleep, eat, repeat repeat repeat.

When I saw Finn under the blue lights I thought again, what a fighter! I'm sure he'll be off the oxygen in no time and drinking his mama's milk. More poops! Yay!!!!!

Good for Joey; it is wonderful how both Kevin and Joey have responded to their little brother. This little guy will indeed bring your family even closer together.

Sending virtual hugs from northern NH and thinking of you as always.

Imamamma04060809 said...

I know you don't belive in prayer which is fine I am like that but gos watching over you and his hands are on that sweet baby boy!!!!

T-rex said...

Yay for some normalcy - nothing like diaper duty to put it all in perspective. And I can't believe he';s up to his birthweight again already! It took my HEALTHY baby 2 weeks!!!!

He is so adorable, even lounging under the lights. I hope he can get weaned to room oxygen soon so there's a few less tubes to deal with!

Angie said...

What a little fighter Lisa, up to his birth weight already!

Jodi said...

Big YEA for poop and diaper duty! Remember the airplane rule: "Put on your own oxygen mask FIRST, then assist others." I hope your postpartum body's response can be cured with a little TLC and rest! (and that you get a lot of both)

Carla said...

Well put, Jodi!!!