Saturday, August 9, 2008

The boy is hungry

We started supplementing Finn with bottles of breastmilk yesterday. First I nurse him and try to get him to take as much as possible that way, and then top him off with a bottle. Each time, he has gulped down the bottle. Nice to know I've been starving my baby and didn't even realize it.

So the problem appears to be that he doesn't get enough milk by nursing because it takes more effort to nurse and because he's so small (and probably still healing from his surgery), he tires easily and doesn't nurse long enough to get everything he needs. This has resulted in my milk production diminishing - so it's sort of a vicious cycle. So I'll continue nursing him as much as possible and supplementing with bottles, and I've resumed pumping several times a day to get my milk supply back up (I stopped pumping shortly after he came home from the hospital), and hopefully when he gets bigger and stronger, he'll nurse more efficiently and at some point we'll be able to nurse exclusively again.

Probably way more boob talk than anyone cares to hear ;)

Sue suggested that this might be why he's so fussy too - because he's hungry. I think she's right (as usual) because he has been noticeably less fussy since we started supplementing with bottles of breastmilk.

A friend has loaned me her baby scale, so now we can monitor his weight at home . . . and hopefully it won't become an unhealthy obsession on my part.


Angie said...

It's so great to hear that things have fallen into place Lisa and your able to supplement with Breastmilk... it makes sure perfect sense!

Carla said...

I love the boob talk! Did I tell you that mine started leaking a couple weeks ago? That didn't happen the first time around. Tee hee! Seriously, I'm glad that Finn is taking to the bottle well. I'm sure that the pumping will have your supply back up in no time! Thank goodness for Sue's sound advice. Have a great Sunday!

heather said...

I thought I would just leave a little comment about what worked for me with Morgan. She did not take a bottle and I could only breastfeed or tube feed. But I found she was able to nurse longer and empty me when I used something called a 'supplemental nursing system' (SNS) that they sell at nursing/lactation/breatpump stores. I think it was made by Medela but it was seriously the best thing I found. It made it so Morgan could nurse and still gain weight. It is a little container that you wear around your neck with breastmilk or formula in it and then it has a tiny tube that tapes on your breast and then when she nursed she was able to get milk from me and the SNS. She nursed longer because it didn't take as much effort and muscle strength to get the milk out so she didn't tire out as quick. It takes a little longer to get ready to nurse and I got to where I just held the tube and made sure it was in her mouth when she was latched on and didn't tape it on me. Anyway just thought I'd share something that really made a difference for us (and I heard it from one of my friends and not my pediatrician--which is disappointing).

Cindy said...

That makes so much sense. When I had the twins - they said I could not nurse because the energy it takes for them to nurse would be too hard on their systems because of their being premies. So the fact that your BM being bottle fed helps him would make perfect sense in my mind. I am just glad that you found this out and that you don't have to resort to formula.

Don't feel bad for your feelings - Most people understand what you are saying. For those that don't, they have not lived a day in your shoes.