Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday weigh-in

The baby scale is definitely offering me some peace of mind (thank you, Varsha!!). So here's the news: Finnian gained 3 whole ounces between yesterday morning and this morning!! So the supplementing with additional breastmilk is making all the difference (thank you, Sue!!). After I weighed him this morning, I kept looking at him and wondering "Hmmm, do you seem three ounces bigger?" as if it might be visible. Anyhow, I'm very pleased, to say the least.

Several people have suggested using a SNS to me, and honestly, I was hesitant at first because I thought it was really more for babies who don't know how to nurse, and since Finn does know how to nurse I figured it wasn't for us. However, now that I realize that the problem is that he's not an efficient nurser and that my milk production has suffered because of that, it does seem that a SNS might be the answer - a better answer than supplemental bottles since I can already see that he's starting to prefer the instant gratification of a bottle. So we are off this morning to buy a SNS.


I keep thinking about how, right now, this whole feeding/weight issue is the focus of so much angst and effort in our house. And I know that in the grand scheme of things, it will be but a blip on the screen of our lives. One day, years from now, we will be in the midst of some other challenge (maybe with Finn, maybe with one of our other kids - what kid at any age doesn't present challenges?), and we'll look back on this time when we were so worried about Finn nursing and gaining weight, and we'll chuckle and shake our heads and say, "Remember that? We got through it, though, and look at him now."


Anonymous said...

Lisa, I admire you for working through all of these struggles with feeding Finn. Your dedication to all of your children continues to inspire me. SNS may feel awkward at first, but it really does work wonders. ((HUGS))

Cindy said...

Doesn't it amaze you, watching all you are going through and all you are willing to do to help your baby. The fact that you will one day look back and say WOW! We did it and we survived. It is amazing the strength that you have to endure these times.

You really are doing fantastic. There are tons of whats, whys, hows, whens throughout this process but you are doing it and doing it superbly.

Melony said...

Obviously you got my email...I can't wait to hear how it goes! I really think it might really help! (hugs)

Jodi said...

I think you will reach that point and think back to this time and wonder how you did it. I was just talking with a friend about her twin girls who were born at 27 weeks and spent the first few months of life in the NICU. Both were under 2 lbs. Now, 5 years later, she and her husband sometimes ask each other whether that part of their life was even real - it feels so far removed from their day to day experiences. 15 years from now when Finn's eating you out of house and home, you'll probably have some hazy memory of trying to get him to eat more.

T-rex said...

Watching Callie drop from the 98th percentile in weight at birth to below the 5th percentile at two months because *I* couldn't seem to get her to nurse well was the most heartbreaking, stressful thing I have ever been through as a mother (the first of many to come, I bet!) and it IS consuming, even if we know they'll be fine in the long run.

The SNS stressed me out because Callie wouldn't latch on with the tube or the tube dug into my already sore nipples... but that was with a newborn as a FTM. You're a nursing expert with breasts acclimated to nursing again and a slightly older baby - it is more likely than not going to be a GREAT option for you! Between the milennial stash of breastmilk you've acquired sand your skill with the boobs I am expecting to see BIG results.

And YAY on the breastfeeding scale - of course I'd obsess over the numbers especially if they didn't increase like I wanted, but it's a really great option when measuring bottles isn't a good option and you need to know how he's feeding to adjust the nursing habits quickly, as needed.

Give us your full review of how it works, who knows if one of us will need to use one down the road?