Tuesday, August 19, 2008

DS Growth Chart

Thanks, guys . . . yes, I do know that there is a different growth chart for DS babies/children. I looked it up on the net a couple weeks ago and at that time Finn was in I think the tenth percentile for his age and weight - which is actually right around where my other kids have been on the regular growth chart at that age. I don't know if my ped is going by the DS growth chart or a regular one, but the LC last week was going to send him the DS chart to have just in case.

I know that DS babies tend to gain slowly, and the truth is, my kids tend to be on the small side anyway (all of them except Lilah - she seems to be an aberration - have actually fallen completely off the growth chart at some point) - so Finn's got both of those factors to deal with. But still, for some reason it's upsetting to see him still so incredibly small at this age. And I know that he had gastric surgery, which I'm sure is also a factor . . . I don't know.

I just want to see him thrive, you know? He's so tiny, and it gives the impression that he's frail and sickly or something . . . which I'm sure he's really not.

Anyway, he showed a good gain between yesterday morning and this morning - 4 ounces! - but the trend seems to be two steps forward and one step back; I won't be surprised to see tomorrow morning that he's lost an ounce or two.

I have a follow-up appt. with the LC this weekend. Stay tuned.


Cindy said...

Lisa, I am not trying to make this about me in anyway. I can only relate to what I have dealt with... I hope that makes sense. Anyway, Samuel has gone through some things which I don't share with many people at all... but I am hyper sensitive to EVERYTHING about him. His speech, his growth, his progress, his non progress. I truly believe that is part of being a mom. It also shows what type of mom you are... a GREAT mom.

(I am not saying you are hypersensitive.)

I guess what I am trying to say is that it is part of being concerned and you have reason to be concerned. This is YOUR baby and Your life. Somewhere inside of me when I look at Samuel I try to think of all the things that I may have done to cause or create whatever he is dealing with - and I am doing ALL I can to make his life easier and better. Almost like I can in some way fix what has gone wrong or make the path that much better for him.

Honestly I think it is an instinct that all mothers have, but when you get that one child that has a problem or something different then the others it just kicks in stronger than ever before.

Your being concerned about Finnian's weight is normal for what you are going through. Something is speaking to you inside telling you something that no one can hear or know unless you have lived it. Your mother's instinct is on top and you are doing GREAT. Keep up the great work and don't ever feel like excusing what you are experiencing or feeling.

(Sorry for the novel.)

Karly said...

I apologize for mentioning the DS growth chart. A RL mom I know had a ped who was not using them and didn't realize there was such a big difference at this age. Congrats on his gain.

Melony said...

Our little neighbor baby, who also has down syndrome is very small as well. She was born in March and still looks to me like a newborn but she is the sweetest little thing...always smiling and studying faces...She is bottle fed and is still small so I don't think it is the breastfeeding directly. I don't really know, of course but I just thought that might offer you some comparison at least. She did not have any gastric problems following her birth so there is that as well. I bet Finn is just going to be a peanut. Wish I could make it better for you...