Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The head games I play with myself

I made a deal with Finn . . . or myself, I'm really not sure which. There are two things I have vowed not to indulge in until Finn reaches 7 pounds: stepping on the scale, and eating ice cream. With regard to the first one, last time I checked two or three weeks ago, I was within 12 or 13 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight and I was in the habit of weighing myself every Monday morning (because Finn was born on a Monday) to see how much closer I was to my goal. But I decided to stop thinking about my weight since I'm so consumed with his weight, so I won't step on the scale again until he hits 7 pounds. As for the second one, well, if you know me, you know how much I love my ice cream. As in pretty much every night. But I've sworn off ice cream until Finn reaches 7 pounds. So except for one incident of cheating when I took Joey to Baskin Robbins last weekend, I haven't eaten ice cream for at least two weeks.

I don't know what my point is in doing these weird things. Some kind of strange superstitious sacrifice that I hope will help him grow? My neurotic way to trying to will him to gain weight? Who knows. Crazy. Yup, I know.

Then I'll have to think of some other creative way to will him to 8 pounds I guess.


T-rex said...

Oh no, depriving yourself of icecream?! You dedicated, crazy woman! Every time I find myself wanting to reach for something unhealthy I make myself eat one healthy, low-calorie snack first (like cheerios instead of pound cake!) and if I am still hungry I allow myself a serving of the junk. But while Lilah seems like she hasn't gained any either I am just fighting myself on this one!

To will him to 8 pounds... hmmm... that is a tough one to assign a goal to. I have no bright ideas for you on that one :(

Cindy said...

WOW! You go girl! Before you know it you will be below your pre baby weight!!! Come on Finn... you can gain so mommy can have her special treat again :)

How about indulging for lb 8 mark, that way he can feel + vibes and will to enjoy gaining weight. ;)

Carla said...

There are a lot of things I'll give up for my children, but ice cream is NOT one of them. You crack me up!!!

Janet said...

LOL!!! And here I am- I made a deal with myself that I can't start TTC until I lose 20 lbs... I figure if I lose 20 lbs I am meant to have #5... the things we will ourselves into!!

ahanson2001 said...

Just wanted to pop on and say hi Lisa. I was catching up on the past few days of posts. I'm thinking about you and your family and hoping Finn gains some weight so Mommy can have ice cream again!! :-)