Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I called our ped's office a couple of days ago to see about obtaining proof of Finn's newborn screenings that were done while he was in the NICU, as I need it in order to register his home birth to get a birth certificate for him. I also asked about obtaining a copy of the genetics report on him, because I am still wondering how thorough the workup performed was (i.e., how many cells were examined), and am still wondering about the possibility of mosaic Down syndrome.

I just got a call from the ped's nurse a little while ago telling me that she needs a medical records release signed by me in order for her to get those records from the hospital, which is fine. She did tell me that when a genetic workup (karyotype) is performed, the male (XY) vs. female (XX) chromosomes are part of the intial analysis, so had there been any issue with Finn's gender, we would have known as soon as the results of his DS workup had been conveyed to us.

Phew. I wish I had known this so I wouldn't have spent the last 8 weeks worrying over it.

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Cleo said...

Finn is definitely a handsome baby boy =))