Monday, September 29, 2008

My support group

It's dawned on me lately that this blog, and the blogging community at large, have become my "support group."

When I first started this blog in the days following Finn's birth and subsequent hospitalization, my only intent was to create a central place where family and friends could go for updates on Finn's condition and progress, because I just couldn't keep up with all the phone calls and emails. I never imagined then that it would turn into what it has become: a place not only to keep everyone informed about Finn, but a place to try and sort out my feelings, to sometimes rant, have an occasional pity party, celebrate good days and high points, express my fears . . . and get support. I've been a journal-keeper since I was a kid, so writing about my feelings and experiences is not new for me, but receiving the feedback is a new experience. The comments left here after I post almost always lift me up, and I am always so pleased and surprised to find comments left by people who just stumbled across my blog, or maybe found it by searching specifically for blogs about Down syndrome.

But it goes even beyond receiving feedback. When I started this blog, I had no inkling that there was actually a huge blogging community comprised of parents of children with DS - and even individuals who themselves have DS. No idea. So my "support group" is not only the people who read my blog, but also the blogs I have found and now loyally follow. Reading other families' experiences helps me process my own thoughts, feelings, and experiences as a mother of a child with DS.

We're not alone. And there is so much comfort in knowing that.


Cece said...

I started blogging about my infertility treatements just to get the frustration of the process out of my head, and found so many awesome people and support groups... it was amazing.

Ah, the power of the internet.

datri said...

Blogging's awesome isn't it? There's just not enough people near me In Real Life who "get it".

Laurie said...

I couldn't agree more!
Love you!

Chrystal said...

Phew! So I'm "support" instead of "crazy creepy stalker blog-reading lady"? SWEET!

You know what was so great about playing catch-up and reading from the beginning up until now? The progression. You then was great (real and raw) and you now is great (accepting and growing) and I'm fortunate to be along for the ride.

Cleo said...

I agree with you Lisa, we are not alone!!!. We are all here to give and receive support in one way or another, to learn from each other and to be inspired by our experiences. :)

Heidi said...

Hi Lisa,

First, a bit of an explanation. I barely read. So some of your posts are too long for me to get through. That said, I really enjoy your blog. Finn is growing and developing so well. I find myself being proud of his accomplishments much the same as I'm proud of my own LO's accomplishments. I really enjoy the pictures you post. The one of him sitting in his bumbo does look quite elfish, you're right. Luken (my baby) has fuzzy ears and we call him elf sometimes. I miss you on our birth board.

Oh, I wanted to write more but my LO is sitting in his bouncy chair and I just looked up and he has poop running out of his pants leg. Gotta run.


Tricia said...

Ditto what Chrystal said! :) LOVE the blog! I would be lost without my blogging support group. They have really transformed my life.