Sunday, September 28, 2008

Scenes from a birthday(s)

Well, this deviates somewhat from "Finnian's Journey," but it's his sisters, so it sorta counts, right? And anyway, I rarely miss an opportunity to show off my super cute kids :)

So last week was the twins' fourth birthday, and this next Friday is Lilah's second birthday . . . and somehow it all just crept up on me and I never managed to get it together enough to plan an actual party, so today, seeing that Grandpa and Auntie Audrey were both visiting, we had a little family celebration for the three girls.
The Birthday Princesses: Daisy, Lilah and Annabelle
Umm, I guess Lilah was hungry . . .
Beautiful cake, huh? And it was delicious, too!
And here's Grandpa with Finn
. . . and Auntie Audrey with Finn


Cleo said...

Daisy, Lilah and Annabelle are so beautiful!!!, the three of them are "Libra", that's interesting... Grandpa and Auntie Audrey looked so happy with Finn. Lisa, thank you for sharing these lovely pictures. =D

aud444 said...

It was an absolutely lovely day. I adore my nieces and nephews intensely.

Finn felt so good and solid.

P.S. I hate that pic of me, horrible!

Tara Marie said...

Happy 4th Birthday Daisy & Annabelle and Happy 2nd Birthday Lilah!!!

Your girls are just adorable!!!!

and I smiled when I read your post will find that the best support group will surround you and be there, just to listen and cheer Sir Finnian and his family on along this amazing journey!!!

That cake looked yummy!!!