Thursday, September 25, 2008

Really good PT session :)

First, some pics from this morning during "tummy time." Look at how well he holds his head up! I swear, at one point he held it up for close to a minute.

This is Finn while sitting in his Bumbo . . . doesn't he look like a little elf?

So we had our PT appt. this afternoon. I have to say, I really like our therapist, Eun. She is so warm and just really good with him, and he seems to like her too because he was just cooing away the entire time she was working with him.

Here she has him on the exercise ball. She supported him and then tilted the ball slowly from side to side. It's just another exercise to help him develop neck and trunk strength/control.

Here she's placing objects in his hands to help him become aware of his hands. He was transferring the ring from one hand to the other and seems to prefer his right hand.

More tummy time . . .

Here she was holding him by his wrists and he would pull himself up with his arms. He's really pretty strong.

It was a very good session. The first thing Eun said when she arrived was, "Wow, he really looks like he's plumped up quite a bit since last time!" She commented again that he pretty much seems to be on track for any baby of this age, but she reminded me that we'll have to work at it to keep him progressing. She showed me some more exercises and activities to do with him throughout the day to stimulate him and encourage him to use specific muscle groups.

Oh, and I asked her about the cloth diapers and she doesn't think they're a concern. She said that because of their bulk, he may need to work a little harder to compensate for them, but that that's actually a good thing.


Momto4 said...

He is such a Handsome little Man =)

Cleo said...

GREAT report!!!. Finn is ADORABLE!!!. I love his eyes, they are so expressive. Love the pictures. I'm happy for Finn and for you Lisa. :D