Friday, October 24, 2008

A new day

And I'm in better spirits after a good night's sleep. I have to say, Finn is such a good little sleeper these days! He is consisitently sleeping through the night. I tend to wake up and check his breathing several times a night, and I truly miss the night-time snuggling, but I know this is a good thing, so I'll enjoy it.


His weight gain has become a little worrisome again. He's been gaining very slowly over the last couple of weeks, mostly due, I think, to a . . . how to put delicately . . . monthly hormonally-driven dip in my milk supply. So I've been back in touch with that wonderful LC who helped us so much before, and she's given me some tips on how to deal with this issue.


And that's it for now. Mervyn's is going out of business, so Finn, Lilah and I are off on a shopping expedition this morning :)


Cleo said...

I'm glad you are in better spirits today!!!. Happy shopping =)

Laurie said...

Im glad you are having a better day!!

hapagirlhapafamily said...

So happy you're feeling better! Just a thought, but my LC told me to eat oatmeal, so I ate oatmeal cookies. It seemed to work! Who knew! Yeah, Mervyns is on sale, but I'm hoping the prices drop even more! Are they going out nationwide?

Carla said...

Yay for sleep and shopping! Did you get anything good? I think AF is about to make a return here, too, but I seem to be having an overly abundant supply at the moment. What is up with that? Keep us posted on what the LC has you trying, okay?