Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trisomy 21

Ahhh, modern technology. I am posting this from my very high-tech cell phone because both of our home computers are down at the moment. So, here's hoping this works.

The geneticist called back a little while ago and explained that 100 of Finn's cells were analyzed this time rather than the initial 20, and all 100 cells contained the extra chromosome. So, T21, not MDS, although we could pursue it further with tissue analysis. But I am done on now. Done pursuing a ''better'' diagnosis. Time for the final stage of acceptance . . . or do we ever get there?

I feel mostly okay with this news. I'm not surprised, because in my heart this is what I was expecting. I am feeling a little sad, actually, but I think it has more to do with what I am perceiving as more noticeable delays in Finn lately. But I know that I need to just let Finn show us who he is going to be and what he is going to be capable of.

Seems like there is suddenly all this pouring out of my heart that I want to do, but it's hard to do it from a 2 inch keyboard, so that's it for now.


My name is Sarah said...

Finn is going to knock your socks off every day. He is the cutest little guy and will win your heart every time.

Karly said...

{hug} I hope you can find some peace from at least having an answer.

Momma M said...

I am glad you got your answer. MDs isn't, necessarily, a "better" Dx, though. There's nothing definitive that says people are less affected by Ds if they have MDs vs. T21. Finn is an amazing little man. This Dx is just a minor part of who he is. It's hard to remember that, I think, we you have a little baby who is just beginning to show their personality.
Re: noticing more delays now - I felt that way, too. But I think that it's hard to remember that kids (even your older, typical, ones) weren't constantly hitting milestones. For us, at least, it was milestone..wait..wait..milestone...wait...wait - even with Audrey. I feel like part of my noticing delays is because I am LOOKING so hard at what Stella is doing.

Kristin said...

I am glad that you have got the answer. I am sure that Finn will amaze you with his abilities no matter the diagnosis. With a family as wonderful as yours he can't help to become someone spectacular. Watch out world.

Jeanette said...

Great words from the previous comments. Now you have the official diagnosis. Finn is an amazing little boy and he will show you his Christ-like spirit as he grows. Delays will come... and they will go. You will have days of concern and days of great rejoicing! There is nothing like hitting a milestone, no matter what they are or when they are.

Laurie said...

Im glad you have your answer, Lisa.
(((Big Hugs))