Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday musings

Well, I'm officially down with the flu. I had laryngitis and a sore throat for most of last week and thought I was on the upswing, but now seem to have taken a turn for the worse :( I'm congested, I have a cough, my ear hurts, and I have that feeling where everything sounds like it's coming from a distance. Blah. Kevin seems to be coming down with it too - he had me up in the middle of the night last night because his throat was hurting him. This morning, however, he insisted he felt much better and wanted to go to school. (My kids actually get upset when they have to miss school . . . freaks.) I'm just really hoping that little Finn doesn't get it.


It felt a little strange not posting anything here yesterday after posting something every single day for 2 months running. But I was spent and feeling run down, and didn't really have anything to write about anyway.


I'm going to go out on a limb here and post about a friend of mine (I know she reads this, so I feel kind of funny writing about her; hopefully she's okay with it). Her name is Tracy and I've known her for a few years, and she has 5 kids. We first got to know each other through MOMS Club, then one of her daughters was in the same preschool class as Joey, and now one of her other kids is in the same preschool class as my Daisy and Annabelle. Anyhow. Enough of the introductions. So yesterday when we were there to pick up our kids from preschool and doing the usual chit-chat, she mentioned that she's started looking at information about adopting . . . and specifically, adopting a baby with DS. I don't know how serious she is, and like I said, she's got 5 kids already. But wow, when she said it, it just moved me in a way I can't even put into words. It's like acceptance, and even embracement, of Finn in an indirect way, you know? If getting to know Finn and even some of you through reading our blogs has influenced her feelings in that way, wow. That is just really something, don't you think?


Megan said...

I know I am new to this whole journey....but it is always amazing to me when people chose to adopt. I mean, it's like a whole 'nother level of acceptace because you're CHOOSING that - not like me who just lucked into it. So, props to her! Tell her check out the cutie patooties on Reece's Rainbow.

Jeanette said...

Isn't it amazing how someone so tiny and so young can have such a powerful influence on someone? Sorry to hear that you are sick. I hope that you start feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

I may be wrong, but I assume none of Tracy's 5 kids are developmentaly disabled. Yes, you may have given her the courage to think about adopting a DS kid, perhaps thru your positive parental modeling behaviour- including your displays of courage and periodic on again off again expressions of great hope for Finn, Finn himself, and especially your belief in your entire family's abilities to be miracle workers, where nurture may trump nature. Trac might see your family project as the ultimate in familial cohesion and maternal fulfillment, wanting a taste of it for her own family.

Having 5 non developmentally disabled kids to start, if that's the case with her, may be an additional motivating factor for her to now adopt a DS kid and do it all as a mom.

Just this week, a daughter of 2 (36) of a friend of mine told me she wants one more kid, then wants to adopt a special needs kid. I did not ask her, but I assume she wants the third kid to not be DD, before she adopts the fourth. ( while in utero with the first, now 3 yrs old, the OB Dr told her that kid might be special needs , but turned out otherwise). So perhaps out of gratitude, she wants to pay it forward by nurturing a special needs child, albeit thru adoption..

Last time I looked, you too have a front yard of 5 pre school and school age kids with resumes to brag about, and now an infant all your own from day one almost 14 months ago, home made, home bred,--
all of the above a great inspiration to pay it forward too, as you and Mike are doing.


Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

I too had a friend tell me today that she might try for her fourth child at age 40. She said she was reluctant at first because of the risk of having a baby with DS but now knowing Joaquin and knowing how we are handling it, she is not afraid of it or the possibility of it so she is feeling good about trying for a 4th baby and not worried about her age or risk factors. I thought that was a nice compliment as well :)!!!

Jen said...

Really awesome!

Sorry you feel like crap, though. Hope it passes quickly.

Tricia said...

Hope you feel better. And yes, very VERY cool.

rickismom said...

Cool about your friend.

But... don't get me wrong. We moms of kids with DS tend to look in awe at those who adopt.

Look in awe at yourselves, ladies! You took on a challenge you probably didn't ask for... that's also cool

doulamom said...

crap. That's probably what i have too. :( sore throat for a week and I get dizzy... odd.