Friday, January 23, 2009


Finn has an ear infection alright.

When I got to urgent care tonight, there were probably 30 people already there waiting and I settled in for the long haul, figuring Finn and I would be there for a good couple of hours. But from start to finish, including all the paperwork I had to fill out (why, I ask you, do they ask for your insurance card, photocopy it, and then give you a form to fill out that requires you to basically copy down everything from your insurance card? Feels like I'm doing someone else's job and it pisses me off), we were there for about an hour. The nurse who weighed Finn and took his temp asked me if he has "any chronic health issues." Which made me feel all squirmy. Does Ds count as a "chronic health issue"? But there I was, arguing semantics in my head. I told her that he has Trisomy 21 and she put a note in his chart. So when the doctor came in, he looked at Finn's chart and asked me if I was sure "about his karyotype." Really? Umm, yeah. I told him that yes, we're sure, and that, in fact, we had two genetic workups done just to be sure and that they both confirmed T21. Then he went on to say how he still might have mosaicism because if only his blood was analyzed, that doesn't necessarily mean . . . blah blah blah. I'm done going down that old road. He is what he is. Whatever. The doc said "I'm sure you hear this all the time, but he doesn't look like he has Down syndrome." Which is funny, really, because I probably see it more in Finn's facial features now than I did when he was smaller. Again, whatever.

So, yes, he has an ear infection. He also has a cough, and the doc said that RSV is going around. He said he would prescribe some med for it just in case, but it has side effects. "Like what?" I asked. "It'll make him hyper." "No thanks." Really, I just don't want to load him up with medicine that's not absolutely necessary. So we're doing amoxicillan for his ears and the doctor gave me the Rx for the RSV med and said I could hang onto it and only get it filled if Finn's cough worsens or doesn't improve in the next few days.

I doubt Finn will sleep any better tonight but I feel like I can deal with it better now that I know what's bothering the little guy!


Mrs. Mother said...

I hope he feels much better soon. Ear infections are killer.

Following Him said...

Poor baby! Hope Mr. Finn feels better soon!

Cracks me up that the Dr. challenged you on his Ds. Wonder if he has had many at all? Just a thought!

Karly said...

Poor Finn! Hope he is feeling better and you are both getting some sleep.

I also never get the "doesn't look Ds" comment...I think it is meant as a positive, but it just makes me feel sad.

SunflowerMom said...

Hope the antibiotic clears up his ears soon! And that the RSV is avoided.

I can't believe the Dr challanged you on Ds! Like the ER is really the place to have that discussion. Gee, it's not like he hasn't been to specialist a dozen times already.

I hate the way people try to imply that Mosiac Ds is somehow "better" than other forms of Ds. It truely makes now difference so there really isn't much reason is aggressively pursuing a Mosiac dx.

Anonymous said...

Hey- happy to hear he's on his way to feeling better! And you some sleep I hope!

Jeanette said...

The antibiotics worked wonders in 24 hours. Big improvement on Syd. I hope it works as fast for Finn.

Chrystal said...

I hope he feels better very soon and allows you to get some rest.

I now get offended when people keep asking "Are you sure?" because, you know, it kinda infers that we, as parents, haven't taken the time to check things out. Like someone told us "Ds" and we were all, "Sure. Ok. Great!" and didn't request any proof.

I'm sure I could find better things to get offended over, but still. It's obvious that people, even medical professionals, don't know what an infant with Ds "looks like" because they never seem to think that any of our kids "look like" they have it.

Check the chromosomes, $&#^#@!

Lovin Mama said...

Hope Finn is feeling better.

I have a friend whos dd has Noonan's syndrome. We were talking and decided it is total BS when people tell us "you can't even tell she has _____" Like its supposed to make us feel better.

sheree said...

Hi! I just wanted to introdue myself...Darla introduced me to your blog and I see that you have a bunch of my "friends" on your blog roll! :)

Anyway, hello! (waving)

And also, I had to take miss gabby to urgent care last night for a high fever/cold thinking it could be an EI/or possibly pneumonia. It was NOT pneumonia, thank goodness, but OF COURSE, they couldn't see her ear drums so we have no clue.

Hope he feels better soon. Tired cranky babies make for tired cranky mommas.

Laurie said...

I hope the little guy is feeling better : )