Sunday, January 25, 2009

I just don't know.

So Finn has been on amoxicillan for the equivalent of two days now. I can't tell if he's doing any better. I guess he is . . . sort of. I think his ears are feeling better because he's nursing better again and sleeping a bit better (although I have him sleeping in his swing in order to keep him upright to help with the congestion - and I am dreading the process of getting him back in his bassinet when he's all better). What worries me is his cough. It sounds nasty, really nasty. But really, it sounds like the same cough that my other kids have had for weeks. So maybe it just seems worse because it's a little baby? He doesn't have a fever, and his breathing isn't labored. But still, I find myself worried about the possibility of RSV or pneumonia. Not knowing much about RSV, I googled it and discovered that most children get it by the time they're 2 years old, and in the vast majority of cases, it's not a big deal. They get over it in a week or two all by themselves. When it's worrisome is in preemies and babies with "compromised immune systems." And that opens a whole other can of worms. Does Finn, in fact, have a "compromised immune system" merely by virtue of the fact that he has Ds? Isn't that like saying that all children with Ds have congenital heart defects, or all children with Ds have duodenal atresia? Because, honestly, he's been healthier than any of my other babies were. All the others had their first cold before they were a month old, and here Finn has managed to stave this off for six months, despite the fact that everyone else in the house has been trading illnesses for a couple of months. So, I don't know if RSV would be a huge problem for him or not. But I would think that if he were really struggling with it - if he did have it - then he would have a fever, labored breathing, lethargy, etc. . . . right? And he doesn't. He's crabby, that's for sure. Crabbier than usual. And he's got this ugly, rattley cough. But that's it. And pneumonia? Well, he's already on amoxicillan for his EI - and isn't that what they would prescribe for pneumonia? (And let me tell you: trying to get a dose of amoxicillan - or anything else for that matter, like Tylenol - into this kid is like TORTURE. Michael and I are starting to negotiate over who has to give Finn his medicine.)

Anyway, I just don't know. I don't know what to think of this cough. My other kids have coughs also. His sounds the same as theirs, but it seems worse because he's a baby. I think I might try to get him into our regular ped. tomorrow just to have a looksee.


Following Him said...

My advice is listen to what your heart says. I would also make an appt with the pedi tomorrow just to be safe :)

Khourt said...

From my experience.. even if it was RSV there wouldnt be much they would do at this point. If he did get laboured and retracting and just having trouble breathing they might intubate but when its just a "cold" they generally dont do much. They might recommend some treatments and suctioning though. I hope he feels better!

Carla said...

RSV generally presents as a cold in most kids and babies. It is much worse in preemies and kids with asthma or other breathing issues.

Sounds like a nasty cough though. If you're really worried, take him to the pedi.

Karly said...

I have no experience with RSV and I know your instincts are strong. Just follow them.

As for the 'weaker immune systems' deal, Kailey is 22 months and never been sick at all. Literally. She had a reaction to her MMR and that's it. We have had several colds and although she doesn't go to daycare, she is out and about. Lucas is the one who has had the sniffles already. Oh and both have unfortunately had to be formula fed, so there is no good breast milk immunity at play (except the measly amount I was able to pump the first few weeks).

Hope he's better soon.

Jen said...

Couldn't hurt to check with the doc, but sounds like he's doing okay. Seems like, if the docs suspected RSV, they'd have tested him when you just took him in.

Cal had RSV, when he was 2 weeks old. He stayed in the hospital one night, but mostly because the doc scared us shitless talking about apnea episodes and whatnot. He didn't really need to be there, as he handled it pretty well. They didn't do anything for him while he was there, other than hook him up to a bunch of monitors. They never gave him oxygen or anything, or any medicine. He had a slight fever and congestion; can't remember if there was a cough or not. I'm thinking not.

Tricia said...

Well for us, honestly RSV had us in the hospital with G for 8 days! Longer than when she had open heart surgery. Granted, this was BEFORE the OHS so she WAS compromised. She was 4 months old and her oxygen levels were very low without extra O2. They did not intubate, but she did have to wear a mask. Call the pedi, I'd say. There were a few days there where I honestly thought G might not make it! Of course it doesn't sound like that is the case with Finn. But if an older kid has RSV it's not going to effect them as much/as badly as it will a little one, so even if the kids have the same cough it could mean different things. But then, I tend to be a tad overly cautious.

heather said...'s me again! :) I just wanted to add that Morgan has had pneumonia twice and the only reason we caught on to it was that I own a pulse oximeter (I'm a home health nurse) and decided to check her oxygen sats and she was low both times, but otherwise seemed fine (no fever, no retractions, no labored breathing...just a yucky cough). So I would suggest you take him in to be seen but insist that they check his oxygen saturations because that is what presents the biggest health threat to their little bodies and heart. Morgan has been so healthy but has had these 2 separate episodes of pneumonia. The first one was when she was two and it was viral (like RSV) so the only thing they could do was give her oxygen for 2 weeks until she got better on her own and her sats went back up. I don't agree with every child being immunocompromised just because they have Ds. I know some are but not all. Morgan has been one of my healthiest children but when she does get sick -- it can turn ugly really fast. Let us know how the appt. goes.

Tara Marie said...

Pertussis is going around here in New Jersey.....all who had contracted have been 'vaccinated' so I always think of pertussis when I hear of people with coughs that have lasted a long time [whooping cough]

Give your sweet guy a hug from us.

Chrystal said...

This sounds JUST like what we dealt with last year (and our kids are just about exactly 1 year apart)! Oh, it was terrible. Looking back, it may have been RSV, but it was never diagnosed as such. We got med after med after med and nothing worked. A friend told me to be patient and it would go away in a few weeks and it never did. Months we dealing with that cough. Months!

Ended up switching Peds, being given a nebulizer, prescribed breathing treatments, and that did it. Finally.