Sunday, August 9, 2009

i did it

What did Finn do? Lots of stuff: he rolled over . . . he smiled . . . he laughed . . . he nursed well and thrived . . . he said "mama" . . . he sat up on his own . . . he crawled . . . he learned the layout of his house . . . he clapped his hands . . . and so much more. So much more than a lot of people realized that he would be able to do. And we know he'll keep doing more and more. Right now, though, what he's doing is helping Jennifer and Joaquin of Three's a Charm get the word out! Buy one of these super-soft tees from Jen for $21 (in honor of T21), and she will use the money to purchase a copy of the new Gifts 2 and donate it to a local hospital, geneticists office, or pediatrician's office to help spread the word to new parents that their child, too, will do it.

For more details, check this out: i did it.


Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

He looks ADORABLE in it! YEAH Finn!!! You are awesome! Keep doing it!!

Chrystal said...

Aww, look at him! I'll have to take pictures of Malea in her shirt soon.

Ria said...

Awesome! Keep at it Finn!