Friday, October 9, 2009

The R-bomb

A couple friends and I went to see Good Hair tonight, Chris Rock's documentary about the black hair industry. It was good - interesting, entertaining. But, yeah, the R word. You just can't get away from it, it seems. And who uttered it in this movie? Reverend Al Sharpton. He was taking about how the black hair industry is a billion dollar industry and most of the money is made by whites and asians, and how that is "economic retardation."


I dunno. I wasn't all pissed off over it. But I noticed it, you know? And kind of cringed inside. But I think in some respects I'm becoming a little desensitized to it . . . or something. It almost feels like, to me, people who use language like that are making a statement about themselves. About their own ignorance and perhaps lack of class and lack of sensitivity and compassion. It says far more about them than it does about my son.

But yeah, I still don't want Finn growing up hearing stuff like that. Or any of my kids for that matter.


JRS said...

I have to agree. These days it's getting harder for people to hide behind the line that they are 'unaware of the meaning and effects on our community.' It becomes, then, quite revealing about the user, not my child. Though it makes me tired, all this advocacy, I hope we never become complacent. I need to (sigh) along with you.

Molly said...

Retard, in dictionary definition also means to slow. Could it be that he meant that the white/asian population is causing economic retardation as in causing slow economic growth?

Idk, the context of that didn't strike me as the way that most movies use the word. Nothing ruins a movie for me like the R word! Literally. Once I hear it I start to tune out the rest of the movie. It's just one little word, but it really changes the way we think about those who say it.