Friday, January 22, 2010


Sandra from DS New Mama sent this article to me today: Perfectly Imperfect. Jennifer Graf Groneberg says it so much more eloquently than I've ever been able to manage, and I have to say this article just nails it on the head for me. So much so that I read it with tears running down my face.

Also, this comment left by Tara to my last post:

You definitely need a new PT, but I've been thinking that since you posted about the ankle weights. Even our PT was appalled by that. You might want to axe her now, before the eval, though. Imo, as an OT, it would be helpful for the new PT to do the eval so she can set her own goals. Just a thought.

Also nails it. And it lit a fire under me! It actually never occurred to me to request a new PT before his eval., but that makes complete sense. I put a call in to our Service Coordinator to discuss it with her. Had to leave a message, but hopefully I'll hear back from her early next week. Thanks, Tara!


Sasha said...

Thanks for posting this article. I am in therapy overload too right now and medical overload. Hope all works out for a new therapist for you.

Larry said...

Great article - perfectly put! Hope you have a good weekend - I am dealing with a barfing kid over here so wish me luck :( lisa

Kristin said...

what a great article!

Tara said...

Your welcome, Lisa! (Sorry...missed this until now) Glad you took action and I hope you find an awesome PT! Btw, if you have a choice, get someone who is NDT certified.