Saturday, June 5, 2010

Domestic Adoption

In the Down syndrome blogging community, international adoption of babies and children with Down syndrome is a well-known reality. Did you know, however, that there are babies and children with Down syndrome right here in the United States who are waiting for adoptive families? Adoption of a child anywhere in the world is a loving choice; to my way of thinking, there are no geographical boundaries or borders, nor should there be patriotism, when it comes to providing a loving home for a child in need. That said, there may be families who have considered adoption of a child with Ds, but the prospect of international adoption seems too daunting. Enter organizations like The National Adoption Awareness Program, which facilitates adoptions of children with Down syndrome within the United States. This organization also facilitates the release of babies with Ds by their birth families who make the loving choice to place them up for adoption.

There are options; please pass this along.


Kristin said...

Crazy thing... the first agency Max's birthmom went to told her Max was "unplaceable" do to his Ds and heart defect, and told her to go somewhere else!! Luckily, the next agency was wonderful (and found us to be his forever family). Education is needed on all fronts - great post :)

diane rene said...

the day we finalized our adoption through DCFS, we were asked if we were interested in taking another child ... we hadn't even left the court room yet! that is how great the need is in our own country.

it breaks my heart knowing there are that many children left unloved.