Sunday, June 6, 2010

Unveiling: Kevin's Website

It's up and running!!

As it turns out, the school project was to create a website. However, the students did not actually publish their websites to the web. So we took Kevin's and published it ourselves. You can see it here:

I am incredibly proud of Kevin for being such a loving and vocal advocate for Finn and for all people with Down syndrome. He continues to make quite an impact on his peers.

Many, many thanks to everyone who sent photos of their beautiful children for Kevin to use on his site; we are very grateful!


Kristin said...

Nice job Kevin! The site looks great!

Lisa said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention that he got an A on the project :)

diane rene said...

Great job, Kevin! I love your site

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! Great job Kevin! Finn looks adorable and those little girls on one page are incredible ;)

Crittle said...

Please tell Keving that we think he did a fantastic job!