Sunday, July 25, 2010


We went on our first ever family vacation the week before last. We packed up the kids and drove up the coast for a few days. It was a wonderful experience for all of us.

As we were driving along the winding roads, we passed a good-sized camper truck. Michael said to me, "See that? Something like that for me, you and Finn." Puzzled, "What about the other kids?" I asked. "Ohhhh . . ." then it dawned on me what he meant. Someday. When all the other kids are grown and out of the nest. Maybe Finn will still be with us. And maybe it will be the three of us taking vacations together. The thought made me feel warm inside. It used to terrify me that Finn might never be able to live independently, that he may always depend on us. I'm not scared of that anymore. I hope he can one day live his own life independently, but if he can't, it'll be fine.


While we were away, Finn for the first time ever pulled himself up to standing and then let go, holding a standing position hands-free for a second or two. He also began walking holding onto my hands. Funny how these little things can be such a big deal.


Last week Finn started speech therapy. It's impressive how much he mimics. He's using the sign for "more" more and more often now, and he mimicked his SLP saying "more" (sounded like "ah-moh"). I have no idea where ST is going to lead him - will it teach him how to speak? I have my doubts. Like a lot of other developmental skills, I'm not sure speaking can be taught. I think it's something that will emerge in its own time if it's destined to emerge. I guess the point of ST is to give him tools to communicate, in whatever form that is.

Here he is singing, after watching his sisters sing:


Tricia said...

boo. I can;t watch the video b/c it's private. :(

But yay Finn on all the new advances. That fine motor video is awesome!!

Johnna said...

Those first steps ARE a big deal!! And so is your attitude toward the future. I am getting there as well. I see so much maturity in you that I wish I had, and my son is 15 !